Thursdays Barbell Overhead Press

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 97 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 6pm. 11hr day, boop.

Home, food prepped and some weight lifting.

4 x 52.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

Definitely hit my 5 rep max on these at the moment.

Struggled to get the 5th rep up to half way, so I’ll stick to this weight for a few weeks, until I can hit 5 reps a few times.

Didn’t decrease weight for 3rd set just because I loaded the bar incorrectly with 2 big plates rather than 4 smaller ones, so it would’ve been a hassle to take em both off and put smaller ones on for the last set.

Pooped now, didn’t take long for the days deliveries to catch up with me lol.

Until next time…



Barbell Squats and Hump Day

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am today, fucking 30 minutes of training first thing, yay, such a cool thing to be doing at that time of morning pmsl.

93 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels handled. Left the depot at 5:30pm, 11hr day, pfft.

Despite the shite start to the day with training, the day out delivering was ok. But I felt lethargic and meh most of the day though, maybe because its the middle of the week hump day, who knows.

Got home food prepped and weight lifted.

5 x 92.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 82.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 72.5kg Barbell Squats

Only added 5kg to each set, but man the 1st set felt well heavy pmsl.

Going to need to start making sure I’m eating enough throughout the day now that I’m getting close to 100kg again.

I know from previous experience that once I get to 1.5 x bodyweight I have to make sure I’m eating enough otherwise I don’t get stronger and start to struggle with the weight once it gets over 100kg for barbell squats.

Adding in my extra active from delivering and I definitely need to be eating more than I am.

Think it might be time for some tracking of food to check.

Anyway, sausages and footy tonight, whoop.

Until next time…


Manic Delivery Day and Weighted Chin Ups

Phewee, today was by far the busiest day of the year.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 103 deliveries and collections, with 174 total parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm. 11.75hrs, phew.

As a whole Tuesday are supposed to be the busiest day of the week at the depot, but on my route that’s not normally been the case. However, today, oh boy, was it busy lol.

Anyway. Got home food prepped for tomorrow and then did some weight lifting.

5 x 12.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 7.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Up

My wrists and elbows felt fine today. No idea why they ached so much yesterday, but I felt good when I got home so went straight to the weights room. Felt strong, so did an extra set too.

Now I’ve showered, had dinner and sat down, I feel whacked, think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Until next time…


Friday Happy Day

Fridays are always a good day delivery driving, especially when you’re not working the weekend.

Today I felt more happy than normal, no idea why, but I’ll take it!

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 93 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 6pm. 11hr day. Normal day.

No exercise tonight as its rest day. And I’m pretty happy with the level of squat DOMS I’ve had so far today. It’s been pretty tame to what I was expecting, which means it’s due to kick in properly tomorrow lol. Probably also helped myself by being so active, lots of walking and carrying things keeps the bloody moving an all.

Some rum, junk food, card games and a film might be the order of the evening me thinks.

Until next time…


Scrambled Brain and Barbell Squats

Today was a strange day. I routed my deliveries in a weird way and made my day 60 mins or so longer than it should’ve been.

When I was routing my deliveries this morning I just couldn’t remember house names and their locations and so ended up putting deliveries in an order that made no sense once I was out on the road.

60 minutes might not sound a lot for a whole day but when you’re already doing an 11hr day, it make a difference.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 87 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 6:30pm. 11.5hr day. 1 less delivery than yesterday and an hour longer. Pants.

Oh well, suck it up buttercup.

Got home, food prepped for tomorrow, then it was squuuuuats.

I’m going to pay for them tomorrow and Saturday with some serious DOMS I know it.

Having not done any for what feels like too long, I’m going to ache like fuck tomorrow, sweet!

5 x 77.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 67.5kg Barbell Squats

10 x 62.5kg Barbell Squats

Stuck to 12.5kg over bodyweight for my heaviest set to start and it felt damn heavy pmsl. I’m going to do another few sets on Saturday too and the same for next week, just to get my body back into the swing of squats.

Then I’ll tackle some deadlifts the few weeks after and get back doing them again too.

Come mid March the plan should be that I’m doing one of the big exercises for 5 days of the week with two days off. We’ll see how the next few weeks go.

Mmmmm steakburger or two time me thinks!

Until next time…


Chilled Wednesday and Weighted Push Ups

Today was the quietest it’s been delivery wise for a while, which was nice, a chilled day driving around for a change. Although it was only about 10 deliveries down on previous days, that’s about 45 minutes worth spread out through the day and makes a difference.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 88 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 5:15pm. 10.25hr day, boom!

Got home food prepped for tomorrow then did a short workout.

15 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Normal

10 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Wide

15 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Normal

10 x Bodyweight Push Up Narrow

10 x Bodyweight Push Up Normal

I decided to add a dumbbell on my back for some of today’s pushups, make them a little harder than normal and I could definitely feel it in my arms, they tired pretty quickly lol.

I’m not sure why but I don’t like the bench press, I never have. I have done it regularly in the past but just never felt comfortable doing the movement, so I’ve decided to give it a miss for a while and stick to weighted pushups.

I used to do loads of these so I should be back doing 25kg+ sets in no time. I might even get back doing Olympic ring pushups, I used to love the toughness of those!

Anyway. I can smell my sausages cooking mmmmm

Until next time…


Rant time: I fucking despise mentally and physically weak people.

So, it’s been an interesting month or so since I last wrote anything down and today I felt the desire to right something down or more to the point, have a little rant.

But first, a quick jot down of what’s be happening.

A lot has happened and at the end of it, I’m back working permanently at the delivery company I left last year.

To start with I had to stop covering my friends (arsehole would be a more appropriate term) route because he refused to pay me for the 6 weeks work I did for him.

Excuse after excuse came and then he did a runner and left the company, so I’m left with no choice but to take him to court, which is proving complicated but hopefully fruitful by the end of it.

I worked for another driver for a few weeks to keep some money coming in and then I put myself forward to take over this previous friends arseholes route and was given it, so I now find myself back where I left off back at the end of July last year, that being working for this delivery company again.

Thinking back to that time last year and reading some of my musings over that period when I left, I seemed to have lost my head a little. Well, a lot.

I started to allow myself to be affected by complainers or what I like to call fucking whingers, people who want the rewards that hard work brings, without actually doing the hard work.

One of the few things I despise in life are people who do nothing but complain about how hard things are. These people never seem to look to improve themselves to overcome obstacles, they just complain about how hard something is and make their lives and others lives more complicated than they need to be.

Thinking about it, I find I come across people like it more and more these days. So many people have gone soft not only in the mind but physically too.

Ooooh I couldn’t possibly lift or move that, I might have to use my muscles and you know break a fucking sweat.

I see so many people who are either obese, unfit, mentally weak or a combination of all three so often these days.

I guess condifence could be an issue. People who are unfit and unhealthy are generally in my opinion, not very confident people.

In my 20+ years of experimenting with my own health and fitness, I can hand on my heart say that only when I have been healthy and fit have I been truly confident.

Not teenage cocky confident. Not egotistical confidence. Just calm, experienced, knowledgeable confidence.

Confidence that comes from putting myself through hard work physically and mentally and realising that it makes me healthy and fit and allows me to be my true self.

I don’t need the latest research papers to tell me that physical fitness and mental fitness are the forbearers of a good life into old age, my own experiences are telling me that.

I’ve read so many things over the years that say a healthy diet is important to a healthy body, but just as much importance should be placed on physical fitness too.

Movement and strength are two vitally important aspects that I feel are too often overlooked when it comes to health as we get older.

It’s no coincidence. I mean what happens when most people get older these days? They stop moving as much and also lose a lot of strength.

Being a delivery driver I come in to contact with a lot of people face to face and on the route I’m on now specifically, I deliver to a fair amount of older people. And one thing sticks out for me. They’re generally all physically unfit and weak.

Ever since I started looking after myself physically, I’ve always said that I want to be still physically fit and strong when I’m old.

In fact, I’ve said and still do say that I never want to technically stop working and retire for want of a better term.

I don’t see myself working in a job particularly when I’m say 70+. But I do see myself being physically active in some way either working on my own bit of land or someone else’s or volunteering on the land … because I want to return to working on the land in the future, but that’s further musings for another day.

In no way shape or form, do I see myself sat in a chair all day in a retirement home, or at my own home, being physically inactive for my remaining days.

Sure if I get a debilitating injury or incurable disease, then so be it, but if I can help it, I’ll still be physically active until the day I die, simply because I take pride in it, why wouldn’t anyone else?

I don’t see being physically fit as being wrong? More so I see being physically unfit as being wrong, not just health wise but mentally too.

Personally, I get bored shitless if I’ve not done anything physically active for more than a few days, let alone months and years on end as a lot of people seem to.

Aaaaanyway, I digress. I wanted to rant, but I’ve gone off on one, where was I?

Ah yes, I had allowed these same moaning whinging arseholes of people to get to me last year and had allowed them to affect my mental abilities.

By this, I mean that I had allowed the things they were moaning about to become my things to moan about. My normal mental toughness had become weakened and I allowed normal trivial things to get to me and this affected my day to day enjoyment of the job and also life in general.

I saw no way out of it other than to leave the job like I did. Although I obviously went back in a slightly different role for a few weeks, I still eventually left for the same reasons.

Looking back now I can see those reasons or obstacles that caused me to leave are actually still present in the job, but now that my normal mental toughness is back, I just let things go and get on with my job.

It’s frustrating not being able to actually talk about all things to do with this delivery job, but the contract I signed states that you are not allowed to post anything online about the contracts or the job itself.

I doubt that anyone from the company would actually read my writing, but in case they do, I don’t want to get myself into any legal troubles haha!

Anyway, enough of that shit. Fucking moaners are a given in today’s gone soft world. And I’m certainly no harper to days gone by, but fuck me people, toughen up and sort shit out rather than moaning about it!

I think it’s time for some meat and rum. No weight lifting today, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Which reminds me, so far it’s been a good start to the year fitness wise. I’m obviously far more active in the delivery driver role and the hours are long, but I’m not letting that stop me from doing some kind of weightlifting in the evenings.

Each weeknight I’m doing one form of movement, from the main lifts, squats, deadlifts, overheads, rows, chins, bench press, weighted push ups etc and only 3 sets of each.

So far it’s working, I’m taking no more than 20 minutes to workout each evening and I can feel my strength returning once again.

It’s tough some nights, having done a 12hr day delivering parcels and then being motivated enough to come home to lift some weights, it is tough, but I’ve been getting straight on it when I walk through the door and it’s soon becoming a habit again.

Anyway, fuck this shit, it’s rum and meat time.

Until next time…