A Normal Delivery Driving Day and Bodyweight Push Ups

Arrived at the depot for 6.45am. 108 deliveries and collections, with 175 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 5:45pm, 11hr day, bosh.

Finally the snow backlogged parcels are no more, a normal delivery day at last this week.

Got home, food prepped and decided not to do any weight lifting again, will do some Barbell Squats at the weekend, but today just did some push ups.

25 x bodyweight push ups x 4 sets.

Chest was nice and pumped after these haha.

Shit, what to do with these extra few hours this evening, not used to this.

Think a bit of reading of one of the new books I’ve just got on the history of my club Manchester United, followed by some more footy on TV me thinks.

Until next time…



Delivery Driving in Snow Showers and Barbell Overhead Presses

Arrived at the depot for 6:45am. 104 deliveries and collections, with 182 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 6pm. 11.25hr day, in the snow, feeling freezing cold all day, bosh.

I should have had another 20 or so drops, but my route was so busy today that the depot took them off me to make sure I finished at a decent time. Well, decent maybe not, but normal time lol.

Today was interesting delivering during the snow showers I had in my area. They were light for most of the day, but a few times it got pretty heavy and made it difficult to see to drive in and also get out of the van and take a parcel to a customer.

None of it really settled, as soon as it hit the ground it melted pretty much. Not that you’d have realised the way some people were complaining about it. But that’s what the stereotypical British person is like, a little snow and the world is coming to an end pmsl.

We are due some heavier snow as the week goes on apparently, so I’ll look forward to that. I don’t mind it myself. If it’s like last time, I’ll still be able to get around my route, albeit slower and having to get the van unstuck a few times most likely, but then I enjoy it, a bit of manual labour in the cold to keep me warm, sweet.

Home, food prepped and weighted lifting tonight consisted of the following:

5 x 52.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

10 x 42.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

Whoop, got the 5th and final rep of the 1st set this week. It went up a lot easier than last week, so that’s good. 3rd and final set I was feeling strong so I pushed out 10 reps. Really felt my shoulders burning on the last few reps, nice.

Mmmmm sausages for dinner tonight mmmm.

Until next time…


Weighted Chin Ups

Arrived at the depot for 6:45am today. 96 deliveries and collections, with 162 parcels handled.

Lef the depot at 6:45pm, 12hr day, poop.

Did the depot a favour by doing a 13 mile round trip to pick up a collection which another driver couldn’t fit on his van, during peak traffic too, so it added an hour and a bit to my day.

Hey ho, home now, food prepped for tomorrow and then some weight lifting.

5 x 20kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 15kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Ups

1st set felt well heavy again and again only just managed to get the last rep.

2nd set didn’t feel as heavy as last week, got the 5th rep with something left.

Rest were good. I’ll keep the weight the same until I can do the 5th rep with another rep in the tank, so hopefully another few weeks.

Time to shove some meat down my neck and get some things ready for work tomorrow, the big freeze is on the way and possibly more snow which will make delivering interesting.

I want to make sure I’ve got shovels and a few winter things in the van incase the snow and ice get bad enough I need to dig myself out and the day is prolonged so that at least I’m prepared for it this time, unlike last time.

Until next time…


Friday Deliveries and Unwinding Weekends

Friday was by far the easiest day of this week. Arrived at the depot for 6:50am. 90 deliveries and collections, with 160 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 5:30pm. Bosh.

I’ve never been one for wishing the week away and always wanting the weekend, I think it’s mainly because I generally enjoy my job and look forward to it most days, however, I do love the weekends and doing my own thing, albeit chillaxing and doing nothing or a hobby of some kind.

This weekend was a mixture, I chilled out, listened to music, watched movies, did some bread making and even some gardening, albeit briefly because its fecking freezing at the moment.

I got a few plants from the local garden centre plus some bare root strawberry plants too, ready to go for next weekend when I’ll plant them all up and pop them in the little green house we’ve got.

Did a little exercise today too.

10 x 18kg Weighted Push Ups

10 x 15kg Weighted Push Ups

15 x 10kg Weighted Push Ups

Managed to dig out my weights vest for the heaviest set. And the other sets just balancing some weights on my back.

I can’t remember what my max is on weighted push ups, I need to have a dig around to find out, but I think it’s around 30kg, so I think I’ve got a way to work up to yet.

Mmmm I can smell Sunday roast cooking om nom nom.

Until next time…


Thursdays Barbell Overhead Press

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 97 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 6pm. 11hr day, boop.

Home, food prepped and some weight lifting.

4 x 52.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

Definitely hit my 5 rep max on these at the moment.

Struggled to get the 5th rep up to half way, so I’ll stick to this weight for a few weeks, until I can hit 5 reps a few times.

Didn’t decrease weight for 3rd set just because I loaded the bar incorrectly with 2 big plates rather than 4 smaller ones, so it would’ve been a hassle to take em both off and put smaller ones on for the last set.

Pooped now, didn’t take long for the days deliveries to catch up with me lol.

Until next time…


Barbell Squats and Hump Day

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am today, fucking 30 minutes of training first thing, yay, such a cool thing to be doing at that time of morning pmsl.

90 deliveries and collections, with 160 parcels handled. Left the depot at 5:30pm, 11hr day, pfft.

Despite the shite start to the day with training, the day out delivering was ok. But I felt lethargic and meh most of the day though, maybe because its the middle of the week hump day, who knows.

Got home food prepped and weight lifted.

5 x 92.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 82.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 72.5kg Barbell Squats

Only added 5kg to each set, but man the 1st set felt well heavy pmsl.

Going to need to start making sure I’m eating enough throughout the day now that I’m getting close to 100kg again.

I know from previous experience that once I get to 1.5 x bodyweight I have to make sure I’m eating enough otherwise I don’t get stronger and start to struggle with the weight once it gets over 100kg for barbell squats.

Adding in my extra active from delivering and I definitely need to be eating more than I am.

Think it might be time for some tracking of food to check.

Anyway, sausages and footy tonight, whoop.

Until next time…


Manic Delivery Day and Weighted Chin Ups

Phewee, today was by far the busiest day of the year.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 103 deliveries and collections, with 174 total parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm. 11.75hrs, phew.

As a whole Tuesday are supposed to be the busiest day of the week at the depot, but on my route that’s not normally been the case. However, today, oh boy, was it busy lol.

Anyway. Got home food prepped for tomorrow and then did some weight lifting.

5 x 12.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 7.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Up

My wrists and elbows felt fine today. No idea why they ached so much yesterday, but I felt good when I got home so went straight to the weights room. Felt strong, so did an extra set too.

Now I’ve showered, had dinner and sat down, I feel whacked, think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Until next time…