Thursdays Barbell Overhead Press

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 97 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 6pm. 11hr day, boop.

Home, food prepped and some weight lifting.

4 x 52.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Press

Definitely hit my 5 rep max on these at the moment.

Struggled to get the 5th rep up to half way, so I’ll stick to this weight for a few weeks, until I can hit 5 reps a few times.

Didn’t decrease weight for 3rd set just because I loaded the bar incorrectly with 2 big plates rather than 4 smaller ones, so it would’ve been a hassle to take em both off and put smaller ones on for the last set.

Pooped now, didn’t take long for the days deliveries to catch up with me lol.

Until next time…



Barbell Squats and Hump Day

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am today, fucking 30 minutes of training first thing, yay, such a cool thing to be doing at that time of morning pmsl.

93 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels handled. Left the depot at 5:30pm, 11hr day, pfft.

Despite the shite start to the day with training, the day out delivering was ok. But I felt lethargic and meh most of the day though, maybe because its the middle of the week hump day, who knows.

Got home food prepped and weight lifted.

5 x 92.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 82.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 72.5kg Barbell Squats

Only added 5kg to each set, but man the 1st set felt well heavy pmsl.

Going to need to start making sure I’m eating enough throughout the day now that I’m getting close to 100kg again.

I know from previous experience that once I get to 1.5 x bodyweight I have to make sure I’m eating enough otherwise I don’t get stronger and start to struggle with the weight once it gets over 100kg for barbell squats.

Adding in my extra active from delivering and I definitely need to be eating more than I am.

Think it might be time for some tracking of food to check.

Anyway, sausages and footy tonight, whoop.

Until next time…


Barbell Rows and Judgment Day

Arrived at the depot for 6.50am. 105 deliveries and collections, with 190 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:30pm.

Really busy day and loads of parcels today, spread out as it always is when it’s busy too.

Home, food prepped and then some quick weight lifting.

6 x 56.5kg Bent Over Barbell Rows

6 x 51.5kg Bent Over Barbell Rows

10 x 46.5kg Bent Over Barbell Rows

Not done these for a long while, but they felt pretty good, although the 1st set felt really heavy, but that was to be expected. The last set I squeezed 10 reps out just with good form, I could feel my back tiring so it was a good number to stop at.

So today is judgment day on the guy who owes me a lot of money. No contact, no letters or anything from him so it’s time for the court to issue a summons, we’ll see what happens next.

I may well still not end up with any money but at least this guy will have a bad credit history at the very least and hopefully a court appearance to add embarrassment, we’ll see what the court say in the next week or so.

Anyway, not worrying about that, it will sort itself out. It’s steakburger night and footy.

Until next time…


Meandering Monday and Weighted Chin Ups.

Arrived at the depot for 6:50am, 10 minutes earlier than normal, because I’m trying to have more time to organise my route in the mornings.

103 deliveries and collections throughout the day, with 154 parcels handled.

A relatively relaxing day driving today, not rushed at all but still a high amount of deliveries, they were condensed for once too.

Left the depot at 6:50pm as I cleaned the van. 12hr day. :/

Home, food prepped and then some exercise.

5 x 20kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 15kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Ups

Holy. Shit.

I just did the last rep of the 1st set and thought “phew that was tough but good going weeman”.

Then when I just got the 5th rep on the 2nd set I was like “what the fuck is going on”.

Then I realised I was supposed to be starting at 15kg not 20kg pmsl, oh and also dropping in 2.5kg increments not 5kg, doofus.

Anyway. I did them that’s what’s important and the 3rd an 4th sets were smooth.

I’ll pay more attention next week, but I’ll stick to this week’s weights, see how the first couple of sets feel for a 2nd time, but strength wise I’m more than happy with the weight.

Shower time and bacon and eggs for dinner mmmmm.

Until next time…


Weighted Olympic Ring Push Ups and Starting a Long Term Goal.

So Friday was the quietest day of the week delivery wise, still a long day though.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 86 deliveries and collections, with 139 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:30pm. 11.5hrs, meh.

Should have been 30 minutes or more than that though, but due to a lovely customer not numbering their house, or should I say cottage. I had to go back on myself during the day to redeliver something as they made a complaint about me not finding their property. Yeah, because not putting signs up where ‘your’ property is then ‘my’ fault for not finding it. Bastards.

Knackered when I got home, so chillaxed with some rum and music.

Weekends always seem rushed, which I think is due to my job. I wake up thinking I have to do things at the same pace I work at during the week, 100 miles an hour lol. But then when I finish tasks I’m like what do I do now, I always feel like I’ve got to accomplish things rather than just do them and enjoy the time I’m doing them.

I know I enjoy being outdoors, going for country walks etc, but I feel like I have to be working rather than just enjoying being outdoors. I think that comes from the 10 odd years I worked on the land and whenever I was outdoors I was working.

I do enjoy working with my hands and plants, and I think I’d enjoy working with animals too.

I guess I’m technically working outdoors now, being a delivery driver, but it’s not the same.

My ultimate goal is to end up with some kind of a smallholding. I’d like to have enough land to have a few animals, some pigs and chickens and a few cows for fresh milk, a few cats and dogs too. And then enough land to grow a few bits of fruit and veg on.

I know to get there I’ve got a lot of work to do from where I am now and ultimately I may never end up there, but I’ve got to start somewhere and for me, that’s paying off my debt and then saving up some money.

My rough aim is that when I reach 50 I’ll be in a position to either buy somewhere or at the least, rent somewhere long term.

Hopefully, it’ll happen sooner than that, but my rough guesstimates are that time frame, so that’s what I’m planning on.

It gives me something to aim for longterm, but also I’ve got plenty of things to aim for in the short term to get there. And some people might think it’s a bit later to be aiming for something like this, but as I’ve said before, I don’t intend on retiring as such, mainly because I enjoy working on what I do and don’t see the need to retire from it.

Perhaps that’s why so many people are focussed on retirement because they’re not in jobs that they enjoy?

Anyway, Saturday was a rest day, chilled out all day, although I still did things they were for once at a relaxed pace lol. Then today Sunday amongst other things, I decided to do some Weighted Olympic Ring Push Ups.

Oh boy. Won’t be doing these again for a while.

I’ve not done any ring push ups for a few years but thought I’d give them a go today for a laugh. I forgot how annoying they are to set up when they aren’t set up permanently.

I was fiddling around with the height for ages, trying to get them level, all for about 5 minutes of exercise, then I took them down again. Yeah, won’t be doing that again pmsl.

I also forgot how much I really like them. It seems to be a theme of mine to like difficult exercises lol. I’m going to give pistol squats ago again next weekend!

Anyway, I did the first set of bodyweight ring pushups and after being really unstable for the first few, I soon got back into the swing of things. So I added some weight for the next two sets.

10 x Bodyweight Olympic Ring Push Ups

8 x 5kg Weighted Olympic Ring Push Ups

8 x 10kg Weighted Olympic Ring Push Ups

Nothing overly taxing weight wise, but enough to work my muscles nicely and I could tell so as I could really feel the squeeze in my chest at the top of each rep.

Anyway, that’s enough of them, as I said, they take too long to set up and I find getting the level of each ring a pain, a bit ocd but I like them to be exactly level. So I’ll sit tight on doing them regularly until I can get them set up somewhere permanently again, I’ll stick to plain old weighted pushups for a while.

Right, I’m off to order a few books on smallholding that I saw recommended by another smallholder. That’s all I can do, for now, learn about things. Although I am going to try growing a few fruits in pots in the garden again this year, rather than just sticking with flowers. Been a while since I’ve grown anything food wise, think it’s about time I got back into it.

Until next time…


Ass to Grass Barbell Squats and Stuff

Arrived at the depot for 7am as always today. 91 deliveries and collections, with 152 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6.30pm. 11.5hrs. Pants.

Quieter than yesterday on the delivery front, but nearly the same time working due to getting back to the depot at the same time as a trailer swap, which meant waiting 30 minutes to unload my collections, shite.

Hey ho, Friday tomorrow, whoop.

Got home food prepped for tomorrow then did some weight lifting.

5 x 87.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 77.5kg Barbell Squats

10 x 67.5kg Barbell Squats

Decided to go up by 10kg today rather than 5kg like I planned. I know I can do the weight, I’d just planned on increasing slower, but when I started getting ready I was like, meh let’s just do it.

22.5kg over bodyweight to start felt pretty good.

I’ve done it plenty of times before, but not for over 12 months and not after an 11 hr delivery driving shift, so it was interesting and by that I mean I could feel the blood pumping around my head after straining.

I’ll definitely be doing some more this weekend, probably only increase by 5kg though and same for next week, then I should be over 100kg again in a few weeks time. Bosh.

I swear I went so low tonight that my ass touched the carpet or perhaps my butt cheeks have just got fat as fuck, either way they were proper ass to grass as always.

Shower time because I stink and am filthy from carrying dusty boxes all day.

Until next time…


Manic Delivery Day and Weighted Chin Ups

Phewee, today was by far the busiest day of the year.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 103 deliveries and collections, with 174 total parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm. 11.75hrs, phew.

As a whole Tuesday are supposed to be the busiest day of the week at the depot, but on my route that’s not normally been the case. However, today, oh boy, was it busy lol.

Anyway. Got home food prepped for tomorrow and then did some weight lifting.

5 x 12.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 7.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Up

My wrists and elbows felt fine today. No idea why they ached so much yesterday, but I felt good when I got home so went straight to the weights room. Felt strong, so did an extra set too.

Now I’ve showered, had dinner and sat down, I feel whacked, think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Until next time…