Rest day means exactly that, rest, numb nuts.

In the past I’ve had a tendency to get itchy fit on what I call my rest days.

These days were supposed to be a do nothing exercise day, where I’ve not had an allocated workout. But they used to end up being days where I’d do something like handstand presses or pistol squats.

Just something which wasn’t weight lifting and that got me stronger in some way.

I’ve learnt my lesson now though.

Although handstand presses and pistol squats used to come easy to me when I kept the reps below 5, I started wanting to do more reps and started working towards doing sets of 10 reps and this would tax my body more than it needed on what was supposed to be a rest day.

I didn’t really pay too much attention to my bodies aches and just put it down to that’s the way my body was supposed to feel, I’d just lifted some heavy weights, so I should ache all the time, right?


At the moment I’m making the most of my rest days and not doing any lifting or strenuous exercise what so ever. I might go for a walk for an hour or so, or a light cycle somewhere, or even if it’s raining I’ll have a light walk on the treadmill, but that’s it.

I’m not doing any running on the treadmill at the moment. I decided that if I wanted to see maximum muscle growth from my current workouts that I should give the running a knock on the head for a while.

Seeing as though I struggle to get more than 6 to 6.5hrs sleep every night when I’m on a 4am start for delivery driving, I didn’t think that my body could cope with the added recovery needed from the running as well as the weight lifting.

It’s a little annoying as I do like a quick short sprint, but I know that when I’m lifting the weights I am now and also getting less than 7hrs sleep a night then my body just won’t recover.

And it is starting to pay off having a rest day in between each of my workouts, as although I do tend to have at least one body part that is aching every day, I’m not feeling overly whacked every day like I used to when I did something strenuous on rest days.

I think that once I’m at the end of this current routine I’ll look at reintroducing some sprinting back into my fitness routine as I do miss it, but until then I’ve got to hold back on the desire to bust a nut when I should be resting up.

It’s just a bit strange actually having to mindfully force myself to not do anything strenuous, when I look around me and people have a tendency to struggle to get themselves to do anything basic, let alone strenuous lol.

Hey ho, I guess that’s what comes from sticking with exercise long term!

Thursdays workout was a good one, I had the accessory movements, all of which went really well…

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Chin Up 8,8,8,7 4,3,2,1
Dumbbell Lunge 10,10,10 12.5,10,7.5
Overhead Tricep Press 12,12,12 13.5,12.5,11.5
Good Mornings 12,12,12 48.5,43.5,41
Dumbbell Curls 8,10,14 12,9.5,7

I managed to get an extra rep on the last set of chin ups, which was good, slow but steady progress on them!

I added a few reps to each set of the tricep presses and they felt almost bang on, so I’ll add a kg to eat set but drop the reps for next time, same as the good mornings, they are starting to get to a taxing weight now, so I’ll add a few kg’s to each set, but drop the reps.

The lunges need to go up by 2.5kgs a set I think as whilst they are taxing, apart from the first set the others aren’t really. And although this is an accessory day where I’m not supposed to be overly taking myself, I know that I’ve gone much heavier on the lunges last year, so it’s time to push them a bit more now.

The curls are curls, they’re nothing impressive and I don’t intend them to be, I’m happy getting bicep growth from the chin ups. So I’m going to keep the weights the same for next time, but try for a few more reps on each set I think as all the sets were almost bang on and I just got the last rep on each pretty much.

Right, that’s that entry, gotta go shovel some food into my face before this afternoons weight lifting, which I’m looking forward to. It’s raining and stormy outside so I find there’s no better way to spend an a few hours then lifting some weights!

Until next time…