All work and no play = burnt out WeeMan.

As the saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun” or in my case “time flies when you’re always working”.

One minute I was glad the school summer holidays were about to start and the next, they are nearly over and 7 weeks has whizzed by.

On the delivery driving front I’ve put my all into getting my route to work after having one village removed (e.g trying to get my hours down) .

It’s meant that I haven’t done a 12hr day for nearly the whole 7 weeks, until this week that is.

After much deliberation I decided to hand my notice in 7 weeks ago. I’d had enough of the managers not listening to me and felt the only way they would take note that my route wasn’t working was for me to leave.

Alas, it worked. I was told that the problem village would be given to another driver, who went past it every day anyway (which I didn’t know) if I was to stay.

And so I did. And since then as I said, I’ve given it my every effort and my route is as good as it gets now, regular 10.5hr days instead of 12 hrs, with the odd 11.5hr day thrown in when it’s mega busy.

Which I can handle and it’s been great getting home 11hrs after leaving rather than 13, I’ve been doing some regular lifting 2/3 times a week and have felt much more at ease with things. Until this week pmsl.

I’ve been thinking about how long we have left to pay off our debt and even though we’re still on track to be debt free by December 2020, I’ve been struggling to think that I could continue this effort for that long.

If I was to take just 2 weeks holiday during the year to try and really relax and recuperate it would end up costing me a full month’s money.

Because I don’t earn if I take holiday and still have to pay for my van lease and insurance etc, it ends up costing me too much to even think about taking a break, let alone paying to go off somewhere too.

So when another driver in the depot took the training course on offer internally to become a manager, it got me thinking.

Is that something I’d like to do?

To start with the pay is about 10-15% less, but it’d still be a good wage and enough to continue paying off our debt at the same rate.

I’d be working about 10-15hrs less per week and on top of that I’d get paid holiday too.

But it would mean I wouldn’t be driving very much if at all, as the managers rarely go out on the road any more as the depot has enough drivers and cover drivers.

And the road or being outdoors is where I’ve been and am at my happiest, so it’s a very tough decision to think about.

I’ve started the ball rolling by enrolling on the manager training, which gets me qualified for the role and then it’s a matter of waiting for a position to arise at the depot, which could be quite soon as one manager might be on his way out.

I’m just really torn between going ahead with it or sticking with being a driver.

Going back 15 years or so I’ve always made job decisions based on what makes me happiest and never based on money.

I spent too long in jobs that were decent money but bored me shit less and took away bits of my soul doing boring shit.

When I made the decision years ago to only have outdoor jobs, it was probably the single best decision I have ever made job wise.

Health wise and mentally I’ve been close to or at my best since making that decision.

Perhaps if I end up back in the office it will be different this time. Seeing as though I’d be in a warehouse for 1/2 the time on my feet at least.

Then the time I would be sat on my arse at a computer it would be organising drivers routes etc so would most likely keep my mind very active and I shouldn’t get bored.

The more I think about it whilst writing this, the more it makes sense to at least give it a go.

I can always go back to being a driver if I don’t like it/can’t do the job. I just most likely wouldn’t be able to get my country route back lol.

But just thinking of actually taking some days off and getting paid for it haha, that’s not happened for a few years and is quite exciting pmsl.

We’ll see what happens in the next month or so I guess.

Until next time…



Sweaty Delivery Driving and Deadlifts

Today was the quietest Monday delivering parcels for 6 weeks, which is about fucking time, I’m hoping for a quieter week in total too. Mainly so that I can partly recover from the last six ha!

Anyhoo, 6:15am arrival at the depot, delivered and collected 102 stops, left the depot at 5:15pm, 11hrs, boom, shortest day for 3 weeks too, saweet!

Got home, hot, sweaty, sticky and feeling pretty grubby. Opened an ice cold beer and poodled in the garden for 30 minutes, my way of chillaxing from the hectic day.

Then went and did 2 quick sets of deadlifts. 1 set @ 87.5kg x 5 reps and 1 set @ 107.5kg x 5 reps.

The 2nd set felt pretty tough, which was to be expected seeing as though it’s been several months or more since I’ve done any, but I’m happy doing 1.5 x body weight (I think) after that long without doing any.

The plan this week is to do something heavy every day. Only 2 sets at 5 reps each of something heavy will see me back into the swing of things and then next week I’ll start adding a few more sets to a few movements.

Think I’m going to literally stick to my big 5 and see how I feel.

Deadlifts, Squats, Overhead Press, Weighted Chin Ups and Weighted Push Ups.

I did 2 sets of 5 reps @ 47.5kg Overhead Presses on Sunday to see how I felt and like the deadlifts the 2nd set was tough, but again I’ll take it as I’ve not done them for a long while either.

I’m going to jump on the scale tomorrow morning, just out of interest to see what I weigh at the moment. Also to have some kind of gage of what kind of weight I’m lifting in comparison to bodyweight, which is what I’ve always gone on.

Rather than aiming for a certain figure weight wise, I normally aim for a certain percentage over my bodyweight, that way I feel I can better gauge my strength in comparison to others.

Which has never been important to me, comparing myself to others. But being a small guy I’ve always kept an eye on percentages so that on the odd occasion I do feel like comparing myself to others, I can do so more fairly.

Anyhoo, I’m hungry now. Time for some steak burgers and bacon followed by another ice cold beer.

Until next time…


Physical exertion, hot weather and beer.

Blimey it’s been a while since I last posted anything.

I need to stop saying to myself I’m going to post weekly, daily etc and just post when I feel like it.

Which is why I guess I’ve not posted in a while, I’ve not felt like writing anything down.

Alas, I do today.

Its been a challenging period work wise.

My delivery route has been as busy as it has ever been and I’ve been averaging 11.75hr days for the last 6 weeks.

Which up until 2 weeks ago was fine, but since we’ve had this heat wave here in the UK, it’s been too much.

Every day I’m getting home totally whacked physically. Hot, sweaty and ready for a cool shower and sleep, well, after an ice cold beer and some world cup football on TV!

My ability to stick to a routine has been my saving grace I think.

To make sure I don’t burn out Mon-Fri I know what I need to eat, how much exercise outside of my day job I can do each day, how much sleep I need too.

And as long as I stick to this routine Mon-Fri its all good.

Occasionally I’ve strayed from my week day routine and paid for it with lethargy and tiredness at work, but then you’ve got to overindulge yourself sometimes!

I actually thought about quitting the delivery job a few weeks ago. Basically I’d done four 13hr days on the trot and couldn’t see an end to it and had had enough.

I mentioned something to a manager and my route was reduced by a few drops per day and it made a difference and brought my hours back to under 12 per day, which I can manage.

I say manage but I don’t mean enjoy. Its something I’m happy to do a few times per week, just not every day of the week.

Last week was the first in 6 weeks that I didn’t do more than two 12hr days during the week, so winner winner chicken dinner.

Fitness and health wise I’ve literally just been ticking along.

I’ve propably only done 2 workouts max every week during this time and each time stuck to one lift/movement and kept it under 3 sets and 5 reps for each. Well except chin ups where I’ve done a few 15 rep sets.

But what I have also done during this 6 week period is start taking a few supplements again.

I’ve started taking a combo of creatine/beta alanine/taurine to help with my day to day activities.

I used to take this supplement stack back on the fruit farm and definitely felt it helped me then, so I thought I’d start again and see if it helps this time too.

I certainly feel like I’ve been able to maintain muscle mass during this busy period, without doing as much exercise as I’d like to do, as well as feeling less tired at specific points of the day.

I could be wasting my money but from what I’ve read on this supplement stack, it is ideal for what I need.

Anyway, I’m bored of writing again now, it’s time to get ready for another hot and busy week delivering parcels!

Until next time..


Weekly Delivery Driving Summary W-E 15.04.18

This week was the first full 5 day week for a few weeks due to Easter and man was it busy and it felt so long pmsl.

This week I delivered and collected a total of 505 stops with a total of 959 parcels handled and I worked a total of 58.5hrs across 5 days.

That makes week gone the 3rd busiest hours worked and parcels delivered. Yep busy.

Be glad to see some normality over the next few weeks, or at least I hope so anyway.

Didn’t do much exercise wise, just stuck to a few days of bodyweight stuff, get my body back used to exercising outside of work again, next week I’ll hit some weights.

Until next time…


Busiest Delivery Driving Week of the Year and Gardening to Unwind

This week has been bonkers. By far my busiest week of the year so far, but only on the hours worked, not the actual parcels delivered.

My breakdown for this week is:

I delivered and collected a total of 391 stops with a total of 830 parcels handled across 4 days, working a total of exactly 50 hours. Feck.

The double bank holiday weekend caused all sorts of backlog issues as well as nearly every private customer wanting their parcels at odd times of the day, meaning I had to crisscross my route every day.

It seemed that due to the bank holiday weekend people went silly with their delivery time requests and although the actual parcel numbers were about normal, the continually having to go back on myself meant added time to each day.

I worked 13hrs each day until yesterday which was only 11hrs, whoop.

I had the luck of being the last driver back to the depot on Thursday. Not sure what prize I won, aside from scowls from the warehouse and truck driver who were waiting for me to get back, sweet.

So fucking glad this week has been and gone. And that I live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood and have a garden full of plants that I can delve into and unwind on the weekends.

Got stuck into a few projects today, one being drilling holes into some galvanised zinc metal pots, so I could pot up some herb plants I got last week.

Now that the last sign of frost has gone, all our plants are starting to show signs of life again, which is nice.

Will be interesting to see what comes up this year from all the wildflowers I grew from seed last year. Which I planted a little late in the season to get a full crop from.

This year I’m growing some sweet pea’s from seed. I’m going to put together a small bamboo frame with some netting draped over for them to climb up, just got to find somewhere suitable in our small garden for them to go as there isn’t much space left from all the pots we have.

Also decided to buy a basic strawberry planter and pop a few dozen strawberry plants in. It will be interesting to see if I can grow any for us to eat, seeing as we’ve got lots of bird flying around the gardens where we live.

It’s nice to watch them feed on the neighbour’s feeders, but they are a little annoying when they come and have a scratch around our newly planted plants and throw dirt everywhere. It means we have to put chicken wire or netting over everything new we plant up until the plant is established.

Aside from carrying parcels I’ve only managed to get in two bouts of exercise this week. Both times I just did basic bodyweight stuff.

A few quick rounds of push ups, chin ups and squats. Just didn’t have the energy getting home gone 7pm to motivate myself to go lift any weights. Hey ho, it’ll do, fingers crossed next week is back to some normality.

Until next time…


Easter Delivery Driving Update

Man, I hate getting ill. Especially when it lasts so long.

I generally don’t get ill very often. Normally once or twice a year I think, but when I do get ill, it seems to hang around.

This time around it’s been a full three weeks. Sure this week I’ve no longer been bunged up and tired, but my phlegmy throat just won’t budge. I’ve been regularly waking up in the night in a coughing fit and nearly being sick because of the retching due to the phlegm in my throat.

I probably should’ve kept up my medicine taking a week a longer and it might’ve gone by now, but I stopped in the middle of last week thinking it had done it’s job.

Alas, not so.

I also don’t think my job has helped. Working nearly 12hrs every day, lifting and moving hundreds of parcels in dusty, wet and cold conditions probably hasn’t aided my recovery.

Anyway, it’s been another busy week delivery driving, not helped by the easter bank holiday weekend.

This week I’ve delivered and collected a total of 471 stops with a grand total of 843 parcels handled. I did this across 5 days working a total of 56 hrs.

So whilst it was less busy than last week, it wasn’t in the sense that for 2 days we had issues in the depot with the trailers being unloaded, which on those days made it manic in the mornings.

One day being yesterday. Having had Friday off due to it being a bank holiday, we were asked to go in Saturday to make next week less manic.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Someone in authority didn’t think it was necessary to book a truck driver to move the trailers on Saturday morning, so 2 of the 3 of them had to sit in the warehouse unloaded.

A few of us drivers helped the warehouse staff unload the only trailer we could get to, but this meant most of us only had half our normal days parcels to deliver.

Great. Monday being another bank holiday means Tuesday and the rest of the week is going to be fucking stupid.

Not only will most of us have the remaining Friday parcels to deliver, we’ll also have the Sunday and Monday parcels too.

This will be on top of the normal Tuesday busiest day of the week parcels.

So 3.5 days worth of parcels to deliver in 1 day.

Yeah, not happening. Which means they’ll be spread out through the rest of the week, meaning it’ll be a busy one that’s for sure.

Oh well, it is what it is.

No exercise outside of work related activity. But I’m going to start again with some bodyweight stuff tomorrow and see how my chest and lungs feel the day after, then try and get a couple of days of some light weight lifting in next week to ease myself back into it.

For now, I’ve got 2 days off to relax. As much as possible at home due to the shitty weather though.

Rum drinking, gardening, reading, listening to music, drinking rum, watching football, playing computer games, a farm visit to top up our raw milk and local meat stocks and lastly some more rum drinking if I can fit it in.

Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

Until next time…


Weekly Delivery Driving Update

Decided to only write down a weekly summary of my delivery driving as it was getting a little tedious writing the same thing every day pmsl.

So without further ado.

This week I’ve delivered and collected a total of 501 stops with a total of 1016 parcels handled and I’ve worked a total of 58.5 hrs across the 5 days.

So yeah it’s been a manic week, the 2nd busiest of the year so far. Especially Friday.

Just when I was hoping for a quieter day, having gotten to the end of the week and already feeling tired from being back at work after being ill, still not fully recovered and I get in and get told that it was going to be the busiest day of the week, fucking a.

Oh well, I thought, head down and got on with it. And funnily enough although it was the busiest day on the parcel front with 117 stops, hour wise it was 30 minutes less than the rest of the week, so I was happy enough.

But glad to see the back of this week that’s for sure. Still not 100% better, still got a phlegmy throat and partially blocked nose, and had a number of coughing fits during the week after getting out of breath carrying various heavy parcels pmsl.

Had a relaxing weekend to help with my recovery. Did a little gardening and had a nice walk in the countryside, also played video games and listened to music. Chilled to the max, sweet.

Ready for next week and although it’s Easter and I’ve got Friday off, we’re all in on Saturday to clear the backlog and prepare for being off Sunday, then it’ll be recovering again on the Tuesday after having the Monday off too.

Personally, I don’t understand why we’re closing on the bank holiday’s, I’d rather work than not, having days off is fine, but not when it creates more work for the days you’re back in, having days off at the weekend is enough for me.

Anyway, is what it is. Fingers crossed I’m recovered enough sometime next week to do some weight lifting again.

Until next time…