Take opportunities when they arrive.

Blimey, what a few weeks it has been delivery driving.

From abrupt endings to new beginnings. I’ve finished at one courier company and started back at my old courier company!

Having put my old courier company behind me thinking that there wasn’t going to be an opportunity to get back in, out of the blue I get contacted asking if I can cover for an injured driver.

Hey presto I’m back in my old company and working my nuts off busier than ever.

What with it being the Christmas period, the parcel numbers have gone silly and there is a lot of work. So much so that the company has nearly doubled it’s drivers just to cover it all.

I’m now covering a route that is paying better than my old route, despite being paid less per parcel, simply because it’s Christmas, but also because it’s a more condensed area.

And further down the line, I may well end up with a permanent route out of it!

So from thinking that I’d shot myself in the foot leaving the company as I did, an unfortunate accident for someone else has seen an opportunity arise for me and I’m back where I started, but seemingly in a better position financially.

We’ll see what comes of it in the new year, but I’ll definitely be earning a lot more than I thought I was going to before Christmas, so that’s awesome.

The increased worked load is really amazing. From what I was doing previously with this company, to what I’m doing now, phewee.

It’s funny though, the hours are the same, 11/12 every day, but I’m probably doing 30-40% or more deliveries every day, which even taking Christmas into account, is a big jump.

I’m going to keep my head down and just get on with whatever is thrown at me until Christmas and hopefully something will appear for the new year.

Until then, it’s 6 day weeks, delivering a stupid amount of parcels, haha.

The life of a delivery driver a.

On the exercise front, I’ve not done anything for over a week. The first part of last week was good, but then I stopped doing anything and this week I’ve just been so whacked from the 11/12hr days at my new job that I’ve not bothered doing anything.

I’ll probably start getting used to the workload next week sometime so I’ll do some bodyweight stuff and then probably get back to doing some weights again the week after.

Until next time…




Delivery driving isn’t for the faint of heart.

Delivery driving is most definitely not for the faint of heart.

Of course, I already knew that, but this last week has reaffirmed it to me.

From the beginning of last week at the new delivery job and being anxious before I started it. To feeling confident I could do the job once I was a few days into it, to then feeling anxious again after being told there was no work one day and then feeling confident again when I received a full-time job offer the same day.

Now here we are in a brand new week and I’m feeling anxious again ffs.

I’ve just been informed that the new delivery company I’m working for have had some serious issues in another depo that supplies the one I’m working out of and that there won’t be any work until at least Friday of this week.

The person who I report to sounded genuine enough and slightly embarrassed when he was telling me all this and also said that I’ll still get paid (although a slightly reduced day rate) so as to ensure I’ve got my van hire covered and some wage coming in for the days I don’t work.

But for some reason I felt like I wasn’t being told the whole truth and that I was being lied to. Maybe it’s just my lack of trust in someone I don’t really know yet, but experience has taught me otherwise and I feel that something is amiss.

The only upside is that firstly I’ve not been told there’s no work at all, so that’s a start, but I can also at least go and earn some money elsewhere for a few hours a day delivering parcels for another company now that I have a van.

If it turns out that I don’t get any money from the original delivery job, then at least I’ve still got some money coming in to cover my van hire costs and some wage to cover the bills too.

If I do get paid from the original delivery job then I’ll have some extra money at the end of the week, which would be awesome.

So it’s a bit of negative news to start the week, but it isn’t as bad as it could’ve been and at least there is a silver lining to it.

Although, I haven’t worked for this other delivery company yet, so they might be fuckwits to work for and chuck loads of parcels at me!

I’m sure they are not, but we’ll see how it goes as I’ve confirmed I can work tomorrow just now and if the original delivery job contacts me before I start tomorrow to say there is work, then I’ll just cancel this back up delivery job, they’ve always got drivers looking for work so they’ll be ok with it.

Hey ho. All part of a temporary delivery drivers life I guess. I just need to keep my chin up until I’ve got a permanent job again and things will be fine.

I need to go and lift some weights now I think. And listen to some boom boom music!

Until next time…


Back to a work routine once again.

So this week has been great. Finally started my new delivery driver role. Although it’s been a week of contrasting emotions.

From the beginning of the week feeling a little anxious to feeling secure during the middle of the week and then back to feeling a little anxious today.

That’s delivery driving for you though.

So the start of the week was great. Finally starting something I’ve been waiting on for nearly a month. I got into the swing of things pretty quickly. Everything I’d learnt and experienced in my last delivery driving role came flooding back and I had a good first day.

By the 2nd and 3rd days, I was well into it and was feeling more than confident I could do the job once it gets really into the Christmas rush, which is good.

I’d even been offered a full-time job starting in the New Year, which is awesome. I’m mulling it over for a few days before confirming I’ll definitely take it, but I’m pretty sure I will, I just need to way up all my options.

But then we’re at the end of the week and I’m feeling anxious again. Money wise I’m fine, well, once I get paid in a few weeks but work wise not so much.

I was informed last night that there was no work today, but that we’d still get paid a days wage, great result I thought. But then a discussion is needed for next week apparently, so we’ll see what that entails.

Hopefully nothing about a reduced income, just on what to expect workload wise. Hopefully.

I’d gone into the job thinking that if I had to work 10-12hrs, then fine. That’s what I did in my last delivery role, so I’d be happy doing that again, but this time only over 4 days, so the longer hours would be fine.

So this week has been a great bonus, only doing about 6hrs of work a day at the most and then having today off. I’m definitely expecting a normal 10+ hr day once it gets busy, so I’m enjoying this lull whilst it lasts.

Exercise wise I’ve not done any weightlifting so far this week, just a little bodyweight exercise here and there, I’ve been pretty whacked in the evenings. Which is to be considered, seeing as though I’ve not done anything job wise for a long while.

Mentally I’m completely back on it. The cloud has well and truly lifted and I’m really confident that things are moving forward in a positive way once again.

It’s weird looking back over the last few months. I’ve reread a few of my blog entries and I wonder who the person is that wrote them.

It’s certainly not the positive, forward-looking, proactive person that I’ve come to know as my real self.

I guess not everything can be a positive experience and only when negative things happen do I really appreciate the positive things.

Ahhh, what to do on a day off on a cold, frosty autumnal day whilst everyone else is working?

Think I’ll stay in the warm and watch some sci-fi movies!

Until next time…



Time flies when reality hits home.

So, it’s been a long, but enlightening few weeks since I last wrote anything.

What’s happened?

Well, to start with, my old delivery job turned into a dead end. The new boss said there wasn’t anything for me, which was disappointing, but to be expected.

I got the impression that there might be something in the New Year though, so I’ve still got a little light at the end of the tunnel, which is good.

So once that was knocked on the head and I went full steam ahead with the other delivery job offer I had, which starts on 14th Nov.

The one that’s only 4 days a week, for 6 weeks and requires me to hire a van and get insurance etc.

The pay should still be exactly the minimum I need to pay the bills, so it’s good enough to get me working again.

There is a potential full-time position in the New Year with it, so as long as I don’t fuck it up, I’ve got a full-time job again.

The only pain with this delivery driver job is that the pay is so spread out.

I think because I’m working for a company who is getting sub-contract work from another company, the pay is spread out.

So I don’t get paid for the first 3 weeks of the job, which is fine, like a fulltime job you work a month in hand then get paid.

However, at the end of the 3rd week, I’ll only receive the 1st weeks pay as the invoice period is 14 days. So to make sure I get some money at the end of Nov I’ll only be able to invoice the first week of work I do.

But then I’ve been told that there will only be another 2 payments before Christmas and the rest will be paid after.

Which is a big shit.

But thankfully the new boss did mention that I should be able to sub some money from my earnings before Christmas, so I should be able to make up the shortfall and at least receive a months money before Christmas, to see me through to the New Year.

Anyway, it’s a little complicated financially at the moment, but things should work out once I’m into the New Year.

ScreenHunter_222 Nov. 08 12.24

In the meantime, I’ve bitten the bullet and sold a few possessions to raise some cash.

I had a long think about a few things over the last few weeks and I can’t and don’t want to borrow any more money from family so I’ve had to realise that money is more important than possessions right now.

The few things I’ve sold have raised nearly a months worth of money, so it’s by no means been an easy decision, as I’ve had to really think about the things I sold, their value to me in materialistic terms and monetary terms.

The things I’ve sold I should be able to obtain again in the future, if I want to or need to, but right now their value to me means more in monetary terms than anything else.

With the unexpected breaking down of our car and it needing a fair amount of work doing on it. Added to some family coming to visit out of the blue and us needing money to entertain them on top of the obvious point of Christmas just being around the corner and the added expenses that come with that.

Although that later point is an expense that I would spend out on regardless of the situation, but not having any money has meant it’s loomed larger than normal on the horizon.

These have all meant a large chunk of money required right when it is least expected.

But then monetary expenses tend to happen like that. They come out of the blue.

Hence my anger at myself for not being prepared for it all. Or at least being prepared, then putting myself in the situation that meant I was no longer prepared for it.

Pah! Fucking tosh, I need to go lift some weights and distress.

Long story short, things are looking up again, but it’s certainly been a difficult few months. All of my own making, which doesn’t make it any easier to handle, so I can at least understand myself in where I have gone for the last month or two!

I think I might be getting a split personality pmsl.

I’ve been consistent on the lifting side of things the last few weeks, which is a positive.

I’ve done some form of weight lifting every weekday and I’m feeling much better mentally for it. I’ve also been out for a bike ride or long walk and run on the treadmill consistently the last few weeks too.

I can feel that the mist that had descended over my mind a few weeks ago has definitely lifted and I can see clearly how I got into my current situation and more importantly, how to get out of it.

It takes a while to get into motion I guess. Having had the almost epiphany like mind fuck a few weeks ago. Right up to today the momentum has been building and it finally feels like things are back on track again.

I just need to get back to a regular work routine now and things will be pucker.

Having time to do things that you enjoy is great, but when you have all day, every day, those things seem to lose their enjoyment, especially when you realise to continue to enjoy them requires…. money!

I’ve quickly learnt that most of the things I like to do require money, which at the moment I’m only capable of earning through a day job.

I’ve tried a few other ways of making money, but I’ve not found anything I can either stick with (due to lack of passion for it) or that I can continue with a small amount of money.

Hey ho, it is what it is, something will come along eventually I’m sure of it. I just need to make sure that we’re in a financial position to take advantage of it.

Until next time…


A day job that fits around my personal life.

So, it’s been a full 28 days since I left my last day job as a multi-drop delivery driver. It’s been a great 4 weeks, being able to get my sanity back, not stressing out about making urgent deliveries etc.

But from a job finding point of view, not so much.

From a personal view, I’ve loved not getting up to work for someone else. I have been working, but not really.


I’ve been working in the sense that I’ve managed to sell a big chunk of the remaining clothing stocks that we had left from our business venture that we closed early this year.

It’s all been sold on eBay and I’ve no way near made enough to cover all of the original cost, but it’s been money that has been needed now.

What it has done is made me realise how much I enjoy working from home and for myself more importantly.

At my last day job I was technically self employed, but I couldn’t take a day off without long term notice or a financial penalty, which basically meant I wasn’t self employed.

If I was truly self-employed, then sure I can understand not earning any money if I had a day off, but I wouldn’t been penalised any more financially after that.

Anyway. I’ve realised I want to work from home but I need find a day job to pay the bills in the meantime. So I’ve got to suck it up and get a day job and then find something that I can work from home on.

I’ve looked at freelancing in customer service roles and they appeal to me, working for an online company answering their emails, helping their customers with orders etc. But I’ve got no recent experience and all of the work I’ve applied for has been unsuccessful, mainly I think due to not having any recent experience.

Anyway, that’s something to work on.

Right now I’ve not been able to find a new day job yet. Despite sending a couple of dozen applications during the last month, in fact I’m one short of sending one every day. And only two have got back to me.

Unfortunately both were not high enough pay, which is funny because I don’t have any pay coming in right now, but if I took them I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills, so I turned them down.

It would have saved time if they had advertised the pay with the job advertisement, but hey ho.

Anyway, I’ve got a meeting with a recruitment agency tomorrow, for a role in my local town, that pays well, but one that the hours are a pain. It’s a 4am start.

It’s later than my previous early start job, that being 1-2am. But 4am still means getting up at 3:15am, which in turn means being in bed before 9pm. And even then I’d be pushing to get 6hrs of sleep, which I know I need every night.

Generally, I can get away with less than 6hrs sleep for a few nights, but not week in week out.

I’ve tried in the past to adjust my personal life around this type of job and although I did it for 18 months, it changed my personal lifestyle to an extent I wasn’t happy with and so I left in the end.

So I feel that longterm this new role wouldn’t be something I’d stick with, but I have to bite the bullet and just go with it for now. I need a monthly income and this is the only job that I’ve been offered that pays my bills.

I’m still looking for other work and will continue to so do if/when I start this new job.

I might be able to agree a later start time and finish, who knows. A 5am start would be workable for a while. Get used to the job and see how I feel.

We’ll see.

Anyway. My fitness or should I say my weightlifting has been going better this last month than at any point this year. Having the free time during the day has meant I’ve done either a bodyweight workout at the minimum or a decent amount of weightlifting several times a week every week, which has been great.

I’ve managed to put on a couple of lb’s in the last 4 weeks, which is without a doubt due to not being as active, but I’ve also been pushing myself to eat properly again.

So that along with the weightlifting has enabled me to put on a little weight again. And I’m pretty sure it’s good weight as my stomach hasn’t got any bigger haha!

Until next time…


If I’d known losing weight was this easy, I’d have done it sooner.

So I took my measurements yesterday morning for this first time in over 7 months.

On Jan 6th this year I took these measurements:

Weight: 75kg

Waist: 36 inches

Chest: 41 inches

On 11th Aug this year I took these measurements:

Weight: 66kg

Waist: 32 inches

Chest: 39.5 inches

Holy. Shit.

9kg scale weight lost and 4 inches around my waist. I really wasn’t expecting that much of a drop, I’d sneakly hoped I’d have shrunk my waist that much, but wasn’t really expecting it.

I only have proper fitness stats going back to 2011 and then my waist was 33 inches and my scale weight was 64kg, my chest was a measly 37 inches lol.

So working my nuts off for 12 hrs a day 5-6 days a week and not eating regularly is the way for me to lose body fat.


It’s funny really because I’ve never been a fan of food as such, but I do like to eat. I’ve never conciously not eaten because I wanted to lost body fat, but one thing I have noticed whilst working so hard delivery driving, is that my hunger disappears the harder I work.

I remember only a few weeks ago, I had my normal coffee upon waking and then my breakfast raw milk shake, with a banana and a scoop of whey protein in and that was it until I got back home at 7pm.

I realised that I was so busy delivering parcels that day, like stupidly busy that I didn’t think about eating because I hadn’t got hungry. Normally at some point hunger of some level kicks in during the day and I grab my lunch and eat it.

But that day I distinctly remember not feeling hungry and just drinking a few bottles of water.

Funnily enough when I got home and realised I hadn’t eaten my lunch I started to get hungry and then whilst cooking my dinner I felt proper starving and ate some of my lunch after my dinner lol.

Over the last 7 months I haven’t deliberately not eaten so that I lost body fat, my hunger levels just seemed to have dropped since being so busy delivery driving.

I’ve obviously known that this would happen as the weeks went by, but thought to myself it wouldn’t be this drastic.

Alas, here I am, having lost all the body fat I wanted to at the beginning of the year, and then some.

I don’t doubt that some of my lack of hunger has been due to stress as the job is pretty stressful at times, but I feel that I’ve got used to the stress levels now and don’t feel that it’s getting me down like it did at the beginning. Perhaps my brain and body have both become stronger from it and I’m now confident that I can deal with everything the job throws at me and consequently get less stressed from it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I did some deadlifting this week and really enjoyed it, so next week my aim is to do 2 or 3 lifting sessions of some kind and gradually build up to 3 or 4 every week again.

I don’t intend on shoving food down my neck for the sake of it, I’ll just increase my food intake as and when I get hungry.

I don’t actually like eating that much during the day whilst being so busy delivering parcels and prefer to have bigger dinners in the evenings.

I really like the full stomach feeling last thing at night. Although not really last thing at night as I can’t sleep on a full stomach, but within a few hours and I’m good.

I just need to make sure that if I eat more for dinner that it’s good food and not my normal dinners and then some junk thrown in for the extra calories. That’s how I got a 36 inch waist and I’m not having that again!

Anyway. It’s the weekend and what better way to celebrate losing so much body fat? Drink rum and play computer games.

Bang on!

Until next time…


Weightlifting after a day of lifting and carrying hundreds of boxes.

One thing I didn’t think about or plan for when starting this delivery driver job 6 months ago?

How fucked I’d be by the end of each working day.

Lifting, moving and walking with 250-400+ boxes varying in weight from 1kg to 40kg throughout the day really takes its toll on you in ways you can’t imagine.

Each day starts pretty manic. You get in to work, lift, move and carry loads of boxes loading them on to your van.

Then you go off and deliver them throughout the day, again lifting and carrying them.

Then you get to the end of the day, often 10hrs later and you have to do a load of collections, again, carrying and moving loads of boxes.

Finally you arrive back at your depot and you have to unload all of your collections put of your van.

Holy shit I’ve been smacked some nights.

And the thought of weightlifting in the evenings has completely left my mind.

I’ve not done a proper weightlifting session for many months and the obvious signs are there.

My strength has dropped no doubt, but by how much I don’t know exactly.

I’ve just done 3 sets of 5 rep deadlifts at 80kg, 90kg and 100kg.

The 100kg was pretty taxing and I’ll pay for tomorrow no doubt.

I know I’ve lost weight as my waist is a lot slimmer than it was months ago, but I don’t know my exact weight or measurements any more.

I think I’m probably down to around 67-68kg or less and I reckon my waist must be below 32 inches or there abouts now.

I’m going to have a weigh in and measure tomorrow morning and see where I’m at properly.

Not that I want to know the details any more, I’m really not bothered by measurements and stats, I just like to time lift when it suits me (obviously not a lot lately lol) and eat healthy enough to live the life I want to, stats don’t make a difference to any of that.

But still, I am a little inquisitive to know what I weigh and what measurement my waist is lol.

Until next time…