Manic Delivery Day and Weighted Chin Ups

Phewee, today was by far the busiest day of the year.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 103 deliveries and collections, with 174 total parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm. 11.75hrs, phew.

As a whole Tuesday are supposed to be the busiest day of the week at the depot, but on my route that’s not normally been the case. However, today, oh boy, was it busy lol.

Anyway. Got home food prepped for tomorrow and then did some weight lifting.

5 x 12.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 10kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 7.5kg Weighted Chin Up

5 x 5kg Weighted Chin Up

My wrists and elbows felt fine today. No idea why they ached so much yesterday, but I felt good when I got home so went straight to the weights room. Felt strong, so did an extra set too.

Now I’ve showered, had dinner and sat down, I feel whacked, think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Until next time…



Aching Joints and Busy Start to the Week.

So I thought I’d be ok by Sunday to do some more barbell squats and lower body I was.

The mild DOMS I had on Friday didn’t turn into anything more on Saturday which was good, however, I thought I’d do more squats on Sunday, but I woke up with aching in my elbows and wrists for some reason.

Today was the same, I woke up with my elbows and wrists aching and throughout the day they have been too.

I can only think that it’s due to all the repetitive lifting and carrying from the job added with the additional exercise I’ve been doing.

It could be that my body just needs to used to it.

Either way I didn’t do any weight lifting yesterday nor today, in fact my wrists were really aching driving home so much that I was tempted to take some pain killers when I got home. But I didn’t and after a nice hot shower they feel a little better this evening.

Anyway, I’ll see how they feel tomorrow.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 98 deliveries and collections, with 145 parcels in the deliveries and 82 in the collections.

I thought I’d start writing down the amount of parcels I delivery and collect and not just the amount of stops I have, just so I can see the amount I handle each day.

Left the depot at 6:30pm. 11.5hr day.

Busy start to the week this week, lots of heavy parcels going to businesses and I even had some valentines gifts being delivered.

Think an early night is in order tonight.

Until next time…


Jan-Feb 4 Week Delivery Driving Summary

I’ve decided to start putting down a summary of my delivery driving job. The hours I work each month, days worked, hourly pay etc.

It’s all only a rough estimate as I never know my exact earnings until it’s the end of the year and tax filing time!

I want to document it for anyone who is a delivery driver and want’s to compare hours and pay etc or if someone is thinking about becoming a delivery driver.

So here’s the first instalment.

15th Jan 2018 to 9th Feb 2018.

20 days total work.

215 total hours worked, averaging 53.75hrs per week and 10.75hrs per day.

1,768 deliveries and collections, averaging 88.4 per day.

Earnings after expenses for this 4 week period is £10.87 per hour.  Meaning an income of £2,337.05 (before tax and national insurance).

I’m not publicly documenting my income before expenses (van hire, insurance, fuel etc), as they’re private and also only relevant for this company.

I’m also only documenting what my income is after expenses but before tax and national insurance as I believe this would be an accurate comparison to any other full time employed job.

Whilst I am ‘technically’ self-employed. I’m definitely in the camp of it not really being self-employed, but that’s not something I’m willing to get into in public due to legal reasons!

So, it’s been a challenging month as delivery driving always is. But these figures aren’t an accurate measure of a typical month as nearly a half of it wasn’t on my own route so next months will be more accurate for me personally.

The first thing to notice though is that I’ve not worked any weekends for a whole 4 week period, whoop! That won’t happen again I can guarantee it, I’ve only been back permanently for this month so I’m not back in the weekend rota properly yet.

2nd thing to notice for me is that my average daily deliveries and collections was 88.4. On my old route that I left last year, I only averaged 76.7 per day.

So this new route is definitely busier and therefore should mean I earn more. But of course this volume could decrease as the year continues due to seasonal ebbs and flows.

Also worth noting is the average hours of 10.75 for this 4 week period. Again on my old route, I averaged 11.25hrs per day.

That isn’t much of a difference at 30 minutes less per day, but that 30 minutes per day means I can use that time at home to exercise etc.

And finally what this highlights is that the money with this particular company is pretty good.

If someone offered me a job paying around £10.87 p/hr or around £29k per year I’d seriously consider it. Even if it meant working 54hr/5 days weeks, with the odd 60hr+/6 day week thrown in, I’d consider it.

Especially when I really enjoy the job and especially when you compare this job to other delivery driving jobs.

The recent news/press about delivery drivers hasn’t been great, but then I can understand that with some of the wages that have been mentioned. However, from what I can see so far being with this company, is that the drivers earn a pretty good income.

Anyway there we have it, the first instalment of my delivery driving summary. Pretty cool to see it all down in writing and not on a spreadsheet lol.

Right, footy time.

Until next time…


Friday Happy Day

Fridays are always a good day delivery driving, especially when you’re not working the weekend.

Today I felt more happy than normal, no idea why, but I’ll take it!

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 93 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 6pm. 11hr day. Normal day.

No exercise tonight as its rest day. And I’m pretty happy with the level of squat DOMS I’ve had so far today. It’s been pretty tame to what I was expecting, which means it’s due to kick in properly tomorrow lol. Probably also helped myself by being so active, lots of walking and carrying things keeps the bloody moving an all.

Some rum, junk food, card games and a film might be the order of the evening me thinks.

Until next time…


Scrambled Brain and Barbell Squats

Today was a strange day. I routed my deliveries in a weird way and made my day 60 mins or so longer than it should’ve been.

When I was routing my deliveries this morning I just couldn’t remember house names and their locations and so ended up putting deliveries in an order that made no sense once I was out on the road.

60 minutes might not sound a lot for a whole day but when you’re already doing an 11hr day, it make a difference.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 87 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 6:30pm. 11.5hr day. 1 less delivery than yesterday and an hour longer. Pants.

Oh well, suck it up buttercup.

Got home, food prepped for tomorrow, then it was squuuuuats.

I’m going to pay for them tomorrow and Saturday with some serious DOMS I know it.

Having not done any for what feels like too long, I’m going to ache like fuck tomorrow, sweet!

5 x 77.5kg Barbell Squats

5 x 67.5kg Barbell Squats

10 x 62.5kg Barbell Squats

Stuck to 12.5kg over bodyweight for my heaviest set to start and it felt damn heavy pmsl. I’m going to do another few sets on Saturday too and the same for next week, just to get my body back into the swing of squats.

Then I’ll tackle some deadlifts the few weeks after and get back doing them again too.

Come mid March the plan should be that I’m doing one of the big exercises for 5 days of the week with two days off. We’ll see how the next few weeks go.

Mmmmm steakburger or two time me thinks!

Until next time…


Chilled Wednesday and Weighted Push Ups

Today was the quietest it’s been delivery wise for a while, which was nice, a chilled day driving around for a change. Although it was only about 10 deliveries down on previous days, that’s about 45 minutes worth spread out through the day and makes a difference.

Arrived at the depot for 7am. 88 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 5:15pm. 10.25hr day, boom!

Got home food prepped for tomorrow then did a short workout.

15 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Normal

10 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Wide

15 x 10kg Weighted Push Up Normal

10 x Bodyweight Push Up Narrow

10 x Bodyweight Push Up Normal

I decided to add a dumbbell on my back for some of today’s pushups, make them a little harder than normal and I could definitely feel it in my arms, they tired pretty quickly lol.

I’m not sure why but I don’t like the bench press, I never have. I have done it regularly in the past but just never felt comfortable doing the movement, so I’ve decided to give it a miss for a while and stick to weighted pushups.

I used to do loads of these so I should be back doing 25kg+ sets in no time. I might even get back doing Olympic ring pushups, I used to love the toughness of those!

Anyway. I can smell my sausages cooking mmmmm

Until next time…


Weighted Chin Ups Ahoy.

Depot arrival at 7am. 96 deliveries and collections. Left the depot at 6:30pm. 11.5hr day.

Same amount as last week delivery wise but they were spread out more so the day was longer. Hey ho.

Got home, food prepped for the next day and then did some exercise.

5 x 11kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 8.5kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x 6kg Weighted Chin Ups

5 x Bodyweight Chin Ups

Added 1kg to the weighted chins tonight, felt about the same as last week, so will add another 1kg next week too, added an extra set on the end of just bodyweight, man the difference with no weight is awesome, I felt so light lol.

Mmmmm bacon, egg and chips for dinner, then an early night, I feel pooped tonight!

Until next time