Physical exertion, hot weather and beer.

Blimey it’s been a while since I last posted anything.

I need to stop saying to myself I’m going to post weekly, daily etc and just post when I feel like it.

Which is why I guess I’ve not posted in a while, I’ve not felt like writing anything down.

Alas, I do today.

Its been a challenging period work wise.

My delivery route has been as busy as it has ever been and I’ve been averaging 11.75hr days for the last 6 weeks.

Which up until 2 weeks ago was fine, but since we’ve had this heat wave here in the UK, it’s been too much.

Every day I’m getting home totally whacked physically. Hot, sweaty and ready for a cool shower and sleep, well, after an ice cold beer and some world cup football on TV!

My ability to stick to a routine has been my saving grace I think.

To make sure I don’t burn out Mon-Fri I know what I need to eat, how much exercise outside of my day job I can do each day, how much sleep I need too.

And as long as I stick to this routine Mon-Fri its all good.

Occasionally I’ve strayed from my week day routine and paid for it with lethargy and tiredness at work, but then you’ve got to overindulge yourself sometimes!

I actually thought about quitting the delivery job a few weeks ago. Basically I’d done four 13hr days on the trot and couldn’t see an end to it and had had enough.

I mentioned something to a manager and my route was reduced by a few drops per day and it made a difference and brought my hours back to under 12 per day, which I can manage.

I say manage but I don’t mean enjoy. Its something I’m happy to do a few times per week, just not every day of the week.

Last week was the first in 6 weeks that I didn’t do more than two 12hr days during the week, so winner winner chicken dinner.

Fitness and health wise I’ve literally just been ticking along.

I’ve propably only done 2 workouts max every week during this time and each time stuck to one lift/movement and kept it under 3 sets and 5 reps for each. Well except chin ups where I’ve done a few 15 rep sets.

But what I have also done during this 6 week period is start taking a few supplements again.

I’ve started taking a combo of creatine/beta alanine/taurine to help with my day to day activities.

I used to take this supplement stack back on the fruit farm and definitely felt it helped me then, so I thought I’d start again and see if it helps this time too.

I certainly feel like I’ve been able to maintain muscle mass during this busy period, without doing as much exercise as I’d like to do, as well as feeling less tired at specific points of the day.

I could be wasting my money but from what I’ve read on this supplement stack, it is ideal for what I need.

Anyway, I’m bored of writing again now, it’s time to get ready for another hot and busy week delivering parcels!

Until next time..



Delivery Driving & Exercise Diary 16.04.18

Decided to start posting daily again, but keep the entries shorter, more like a diary hopefully.

Got into the depot at 6:30am. Delivered and collected 100 stops with a total of 216 parcels handled. Left the depot at 5:45pm. 11.25hrs worked, ok.

Finally got back to weight lifting today.

4 x 20kg Chin Ups

5 x 15kg Chin Ups

5 x 10kg Chin Ups

Couldn’t quite manage the 5th rep at 20kg, but that’s to be expected seeing as it’s been about a month or more since I last did these. Left it at 3 sets and will do for the rest of the week when I do squats, overhead presses and push-ups.

Until next time…


Weekly Delivery Driving Summary W-E 15.04.18

This week was the first full 5 day week for a few weeks due to Easter and man was it busy and it felt so long pmsl.

This week I delivered and collected a total of 505 stops with a total of 959 parcels handled and I worked a total of 58.5hrs across 5 days.

That makes week gone the 3rd busiest hours worked and parcels delivered. Yep busy.

Be glad to see some normality over the next few weeks, or at least I hope so anyway.

Didn’t do much exercise wise, just stuck to a few days of bodyweight stuff, get my body back used to exercising outside of work again, next week I’ll hit some weights.

Until next time…


A Normal Delivery Driving Day and Bodyweight Push Ups

Arrived at the depot for 6.45am. 108 deliveries and collections, with 175 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 5:45pm, 11hr day, bosh.

Finally the snow backlogged parcels are no more, a normal delivery day at last this week.

Got home, food prepped and decided not to do any weight lifting again, will do some Barbell Squats at the weekend, but today just did some push ups.

25 x bodyweight push ups x 4 sets.

Chest was nice and pumped after these haha.

Shit, what to do with these extra few hours this evening, not used to this.

Think a bit of reading of one of the new books I’ve just got on the history of my club Manchester United, followed by some more footy on TV me thinks.

Until next time…


Busiest Delivery Day of the Year and Bodyweight Chin Ups

Arrived at the depot for 6:45am. 118 deliveries and collections, with 232 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm, 12hr day, meh.

I must’ve jinxed myself yesterday saying that it was the end of the snow backlog, because upon arrival at the depot this morning, we were faced with another load of parcels from the weekend.

By far my busiest day parcelwise of the year so far, nearly matched my Christmas deliveries.

Anyway, home food prepped and didn’t feel up to weight lifting so literally did one set of 15 x bodyweight chin ups.

I think my max from a few years ago is 17, so getting 15 is pretty good and I felt I probably could’ve squeezed a couple more out, but I like to get my chin well over the bar, so 15 is good enough for today.

Fingers crossed tomorrow doesn’t bring any more backlogged parcels, I could do with a normal day this week, only worked 37 hours in 3 days pmsl.

Until next time…


Delivery Driving whilst Freezing my Nuts Off

Arrived at the depot today for 6:45am. 104 deliveries and collections, with 180 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6pm, 11.25hr day.

Man today was freezing. The weather forecast was -6 with a wind chill of -11 and it felt every bloody degree of it. I had my thermals and hat on, but I still felt cold all day.

Even with the van heating on full, I couldn’t get warm very often as I was constantly in and out of the van. A few times during the day I had to drive a few miles to the next delivery, so I made the most of it and drove slower than normal so I could warm up.

Oh well, it is what it is. The snow didn’t settle again today, but the forecast is for worse tomorrow, we’ll see. Either way, I’m wearing an extra layer for sure tomorrow.

No weightlifting tonight. I feel tired and achy in my joints again today. Probably a combination of the chin-ups and overhead presses over the last few days and also being out in the cold all day.

Early to bed methinks.

Until next time…


Delivery Driving in Snow Showers and Barbell Overhead Presses

Arrived at the depot for 6:45am. 104 deliveries and collections, with 182 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 6pm. 11.25hr day, in the snow, feeling freezing cold all day, bosh.

I should have had another 20 or so drops, but my route was so busy today that the depot took them off me to make sure I finished at a decent time. Well, decent maybe not, but normal time lol.

Today was interesting delivering during the snow showers I had in my area. They were light for most of the day, but a few times it got pretty heavy and made it difficult to see to drive in and also get out of the van and take a parcel to a customer.

None of it really settled, as soon as it hit the ground it melted pretty much. Not that you’d have realised the way some people were complaining about it. But that’s what the stereotypical British person is like, a little snow and the world is coming to an end pmsl.

We are due some heavier snow as the week goes on apparently, so I’ll look forward to that. I don’t mind it myself. If it’s like last time, I’ll still be able to get around my route, albeit slower and having to get the van unstuck a few times most likely, but then I enjoy it, a bit of manual labour in the cold to keep me warm, sweet.

Home, food prepped and weighted lifting tonight consisted of the following:

5 x 52.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

5 x 47.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

10 x 42.5kg Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

Whoop, got the 5th and final rep of the 1st set this week. It went up a lot easier than last week, so that’s good. 3rd and final set I was feeling strong so I pushed out 10 reps. Really felt my shoulders burning on the last few reps, nice.

Mmmmm sausages for dinner tonight mmmm.

Until next time…