Who is WeeMike?

How-do and welcome to my blog!

I’m WeeMike and I like to write about my day to day job of delivering parcels and also about lifting weights, watching Manchester United, drinking rum, watching sci-fi, eating chocolate, a bit of gardening and sometimes some computer game playing too.

I can be pretty immature at times, it’s what I find keeps me sane, plus I can be offensive, so be warned, but most importantly remember that it’s ok to be offended.

If you disagree with what I write, that’s fine, either stay, interact with me and continue reading my blog or fuck off, your choice.

I’m not a career orientated person, never have been. I just go from job to job and stay until I get bored and feel the need to move on.

I won’t bore anyone reading this so I’ll briefly highlight my past career wise:

I got kicked out of school early and went off the rails for a while, then sorted myself out and got my first proper job working at the UK’s first online bookshop.

Then various jobs later I got bored of office work and went work travelling for 14 mths with my partner (21 yrs together now).

We ended up working on a lot of farms and outdoor jobs and when we came back to the UK we tried to do the same.

Unfortunately due to a lack of academic skills in both of us, we didn’t find any opportunities to gain any paper skills to get into the work we wanted to.

So after a few years banging our heads against the wall, we decided to go and volunteer somewhere.

After a year volunteering we found a farm who needed workers and that’s where we stayed for about 8 years.

Unfortunately that came to an abrupt end and now a few years later my partner is back in an office job (that she’s happy in) and I’m a parcel delivery driver, which I fucking love.

Anyhoo, go read my blog, you’re bound to find something arousing, funny and/or offensive.

Plus you might find that picture of me doing pull ups whilst holding a chocolate donut ring, naked.

Feel free to print it off and take me to your private space for some fun.

Giggity giggity goo.

Subscribe to this blog, or if you want to interact with me regularly online, I’m on Twitter @WeeMikeSilver.

Toodle pip.


p.s I nearly forgot, for those remotely interested here’s a link to My Fitness Journey if you fancy a read of where I’ve been fitness wise as aside from my partner and supporting Manchester United, it’s been the main them over my life so far.


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