Who is WeeMan?

How-do and welcome to my blog!

I write on this here blog whenever my brain wants me to. Sometimes it’s regularly, most times it’s once a month.

I like to write about my life in general, this blog is a bit of diary of sorts. Most of my posts are a bit of a mind dump at time, but amongst other things I like to write about lifting weights, watching Manchester United, drinking rum, watching sci-fi, eating chocolate, a bit of gardening and computer game playing too.

One word of warning if you decide to read my blog, I may be an adult, but I can be immature and I can be rude, so be warned.

If you’re happy enough to read on, let me tell you a little bit about myself if you really want to know: I left an office based career in the city I grew up in (sold all my possessions, no house though) and moved to the country and into farming the land for 7-8 years, which was after spending a year work travelling and getting a taste for working on the land.

Then I decided enough was enough and that I missed having a decent wage (couldn’t find a country job that paid enough) so I moved back/near to the city I grew up in again. I enjoy life’s sparkly things and I need money to obtain them!

Like I said, I love lifting weights, but I’m not chasing a six pack or wanting to look like a cover model, I just like keeping myself strong and fit for as long a life as I get.

I’ve been seriously lifting weights for around 6 years now (but on and off exercising and lifting for 18 years – I spent the first 7-10 years more off than on!).

For those interested in stats, at the time of writing this (June ’16) I am 70kg at 163cm (5” 4′) and my long-term aim with weightlifting is to be able to squat 2.5 times my bodyweight, deadlift 2.5 times, bench 1.75 times and overhead press my bodyweight – so nothing herculean in strong man terms, but strong enough.

Again, at the time of writing, I’m currently at 142kg for squats, 164kg for deadlifts, 65kg for overhead press and 109 kg for flat bench and I’m aiming to try and hit my long-term goals before my 40th birthday in 2017 (01.07.17 edit: this didn’t happen!)

Anyhoo, this blog is simply a way for me to air my minds dirty laundry, I get a release of sorts from writing my thoughts down.

But I also like to track my progress in my lifting and my health in general, and I might even share the knowledge and experience I have from a normal working guys point of view in the probably vain hope that someone might find it useful in their own health and fitness journey.

I’m no fitness or health expert and I only really lift weights because it makes me feel manly, keeps me strong and enables me to eat some crap food and drink rum!

Anyhoo, go read my blog, you’ll probably find something useful somewhere, either that or you’ll find a naked picture of me eating chocolate and drinking rum, probably whilst lifting weights.


Feel free to subscribe to this blog via the RSS feed, or if you want to interact with me, I’m regularly on Twitter @WeeMikeSilver.



p.s I nearly forgot, for those interested here’s a link to My Fitness Journey if you fancy a read of where I’ve come from fitness wise.


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