Thurs 23.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am, handled 205 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 4:45pm. 10.25hrs nice.

Pretty quiet day compared to the rest of the week, volume was way down as were the collections too.

Had a banging migraine all day though. Woke up with it, or should I say got woken up at around 4am, dreaming I had a headache and alas I did.

Not sure what caused it this time, could have been the few drinks from the night before, but didn’t drink any more than I normally do, just a few bottles of beer during a week day as always.

Got home this evening and it had nearly gone, so hopefully it’s just a short one and it’s done.

A little gutted to not be able to continue my daily squats as I was on a good role. But a forced rest is fine, I’ll take a few days off anything exercise wise as planned and do something over the weekend.

Until next time…

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