Like the weather, my mind has changed on a daily basis.

It’s been an interesting month since I last posted. One of changes but of not much substance.

I’ve been on a different route delivering every week, one week in my local area which was pretty cool and one in an area that I hated.

My local area was good to be delivering around as I got to pop home for 15 minutes a couple of times once I’d finished all the deliveries. The collections don’t start until a certain time in the afternoon so instead of sitting on the road side in the van I came home and put my feet up for a little while.

Mentally that was pretty good to get that break as the deliveries were pretty full on, 75% business deliveries which meant lots of boxes and fucking heavy one’s at that and then the remaining residential deliveries were all pretty close together so overall as a route it’s one I’d look at taking on permanently if offered.

In between that route and last week I was moved around a bit and only did half to 3/4’s of a route on any given day, so it was pretty easy.

Last week though, holy shit. I was put on a route I’d done before, but only partly. I had done the main town on the route and a couple of the villages, but last week I was given the whole route, which included 7 different villages and some in another county although they have the local postcode.

Imagine a village with 40 odd addresses all with the same postcode, all with house names and no numbers. Could I find anywhere the first couple of days, could I fuck.

Houses behind houses, behind houses, down an alley with no obvious road access and no signs there were houses there. Yeah fuck right off.

Anyway, I managed to get to the end of the week with most of my sanity in check and Friday was actually a really good day, I didn’t have that many that were hard to find and I finished earlier than I had all week, so a win win.

Mentally though this last month has been taxing as I’ve been thinking about moving on to something else for better money, but there isn’t anything local and the jobs that have been available have been too much money wise to get to on public transport.

I’ve found myself getting frustrated during the day whilst out delivering and saying to myself, right that’s it, I’ve had enough, end of the week I’m calling it quits and biting the bullet job location wise and getting something else.

But by the end of the week, I’ve changed my mind and decided to stay another week.

A good few rums sorted me out. Fucking muppet.

I was asked if I could work another weekend day this week and after telling the supervisor no, was then told that I’d have to start doing more weekend days otherwise I’d get a talking to.

After saying if that’s the case then you can find someone else to do the weekdays, I was told that it’s fine for now.

Well yeah it’s fine for now. I’m on the agency money at weekends, which is shit compared to the full-time guys. So once I’m full-time, I’ll happily do my weekend days as required.

Until then I’m not working for less money than the other guys are, doing the same job, but better because I’m fucking awesome.

But yet that’s not taken into account. Yeah fuck off.

So fitness wise I’ve managed to do some workouts during the week, not as many as I’d like to, but it’s a work in progress. A few times a week is more than I was doing a month ago.

Just need to do something at the weekends now and I’ll be on a roll.

Physically when I look in the mirror, I’m not far off where I looked a few years back, but I know strength wise I’m not as strong as I was, so that’s always in the back of my mind at the moment, I’ll get there though soon enough.

Money wise it’s been a boring normal month, which is great. Nothing extra financially to kick me in the nuts for the first time for a long while.

Our debt reduction plan is off and running. November 2021 is the final payment month, which should hopefully be the latest our debt is paid off.

Looking at our debt payment plan in writing or figures has made us feel a lot better about it, like it’s finally dawned on us that we’ll be debt free and can start using our money to create the future we want again.

Not that we haven’t tried using our money to create the future we want in the past, but we’ve gone about it the wrong way and used debt to try to gain our future, which hasn’t worked the way we’ve tried.

We’ve used the debt the wrong way and it’s not worked. I know that debt can be used to create a positive future, but the way we used the debt didn’t work.

No matter how hard we want to try something different right now, we’ve made the decision to hold off on anything business wise until the debt is gone completely this time.

The last business idea we tried we didn’t get rid of some old debt completely before starting and it hampered us from the beginning.

Anyway, who knows what our mindset will be once we’re debt free, we might never want to start a business again, which I doubt, but I can’t remember what the debt free feeling feels like as it’s been over 15 years since we’ve not had any.

2 years and 9 months to be debt free, not long really, but it feels a life time away.

A lifetime that will be filled with parcel delivery, gardening, football supporting, weight lifting and rum drinking among other things, yeah it’ll fly by I’m sure.

Until next time…



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