Best laid plans an all that.

Getting to the end of last week I’d had plans on what I wanted to do fitness wise this week, but Thursday last week told me otherwise.

I got into the depot as normal, but was greeted by another driver who said I was with him for the day to learn the route as I was covering him for a week.

Ummm OK.

It was an easy day, being driven around all day. Shown a few hard to find farms sure, but otherwise it seemed pointless to me.

We weren’t going to have all the hard to find places in one day were we. And in fact we only had 1, so yeah pointless, but the company wanted to pay me to sit on my arse, who was I to argue.

Thursday evening came and on the way back to the depot the driver said yeah well you’ll be alright as long as it doesn’t snow, those 2 villages are shit to try and drive in the snow.

Low and behold Friday morning we had snow, fuck sake.

But I battled through the day, got as much delivered in the areas I could and went back to the depot with about a dozen unattempted deliveries, pretty good I thought.

Yeah well, Monday was busy so those 12 added to it and it was too much. I never caught up through the week and it was only on Friday that I finally caught up.

4 straight days of 12hr days delivering in an area I didn’t know.

Well I do know it now and I hate it lol.

Well the area is OK to deliver around, its just getting to it. I had to be at the depot an hour earlier every day just to miss the rush hour traffic.

And then coming back every day took nearly an hour, so about 2 hours travelling just to get to and from the delivery area, nah not for me.

As I have to take and collect my partner from her work, it wasn’t fun for her having to be at work 2hrs early and wait an hour afterwards to be collected.

Long term if I had no choice to do that route then she’d have to look at getting the train or bus, but then one of us would have to look at changing jobs to a higher paying one, so it’s a no go from the start really.

Anyway to say I’ve been mentally and physically tired is a bit of an understatement really.

Mentally tired from learning a new route and physically because its been 12hr days and to top it off my lower back is aching when I sit down for some reason.

Not sure what’s caused it but it’s probably just a knock on effect from all the effort I’ve put in this week and also not doing any weightlifting outside of carrying fifty five fucking kilo radiators and forty kilo bags of road salt.

Yeah not bitter or nuffing.

Our new car has been given the all clear pretty much, so I’m happy with that. Just got to get 4 new tyres put on it and oh yeah a new front wheel rim as I skidded on some ice and hit a curb quite fast and dented the rim slightly.

My partner is feeling well enough to start some lightweight exercising now, so she’s going back to gym in the mornings to do some walking and light cycling to see how she feels.

Shes still about 6-8 weeks away from being to do any weight bearing exercises but she’s making progress and that’s what matters.

Right, time to go off an get the car sorted.

Until next time…



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