Things break when you least expect them = fuck you 2019

So 2019 started ok financially, in that we made a 3 year plan to pay off our debt, we’d worked out all our monthly payments and put together some rather cool spreadsheets if I do say so.

We’d made a few contingency plans for along the way, ready for if/when things go wrong, but then I got a kick in the nuts after learning I wouldn’t earn as much as I thought in my new job, but that was fine, we rejigged things and we’d be ok.

But now 2019 is really stamping on my fucking balls and it’s starting to hurt.

We’ve never been people to have an expensive car, we’ve always gone down the route of getting a cheap run around that we can pay for in cash, something along the lines of a few thousand at the most and then let it run until it stops basically.

We’ve never actually had a car stop altogether over the years, but we’ve come close a few times. Once or twice we’ve had a car cost more to repair and keep on the road then it originally cost, but in general we’ve been ok with our car choices, or should I say my car choices, my partner isn’t really bothered about cars, even less then I am!

But we decided that 2019 was going to be the last year we kept our current car and we would look at replacing it towards the end of the year.

Well 2019 and our car clearly thought otherwise and took it upon themselves to put a spanner in the works.

I put our car through it’s yearly full service and mot thinking that it might need a couple of things doing but nothing too expensive.

A few days later and a weeks wages later and the car finally passed it’s mot.


OK I thought we’re definitely getting rid of it by the end of the year.

But no, the car and 2019 thought they’d bring things forward and on the way home from work one evening the car lost the ability to accelerate and I crawled home not being able to go any faster than 40mph.

I took it to the garage the next day and in the afternoon the garage contacted me to say, well engine wise, it’s pretty good for an 18 year old car with 150k miles on the clock, but the rest, yeah, not so much.

And they proceeded to say that something had gone in the suspension which had caused a knock on effect in some wiring and some sensors in the engine and basically it was going to cost about what we had originally paid for it about 5 years ago to fix.

They said that it wouldn’t have been picked up during the mot as I’d probably gone over a pot hole and it just buggered something in the suspension as it’s so old.


They managed to reset the on board computer which means it can be driven until the issue either comes back or the suspension gives up completely.

As it is I will just have put up with some knocking from the suspension and avoid any major pot holes the best I can. Getting to and from work in the dark is going to be fun for the next few days!

I’ve spent the last few days frantically looking for another car, which I’ve thankfully found, I’ve got to use the old one until the new one arrives though, as I can’t risk it breaking down on the way to getting the new one, which is a bit of a way away from where I live and work and no one is available to help me get there.

I’m not bothered if the old one breaks down on the way to or from work over the next few days though, it’s within a 20 min taxi ride home, so if it happens it happens.

I’ve had to rejig our financial goals for the year, which are not that much different, just an increase in the total debt as we’ve had to use borrowings that we’d decreased over last year and thankfully the monthly payments won’t be that much more due to it either.

I think the most we’ve ever spent on a car was £1,500 which was on the current old one about 5 years ago and the new 2nd hand one I’ve just bought is the same price.

It’s 11 years old and the history looks pretty good on it so I’m hoping we’ll get a couple of years out of it before it needs anything major done to it, the mileage is pretty low for the age too at only 85k.

This will definitely be our last 2nd hand car over 10 years old though, I said last year that I wanted our next car to be around 5-7 years old, but due to our current one failing earlier than I’d hoped, it’s been forced on us to get another one over 10 years old.

Even if we didn’t have any debt and could afford a more expensive car, I wouldn’t want to get a brand new one nor one that was younger than 5 years old as there are so many good 2nd hand cars out there it just seems silly to spend the extra money on something that will just lose value over time.

I enjoy driving for my job and also socially but I’m not overly bothered about what I’m actually driving, I’m not bother about brands of cars etc as long as it doesn’t break down on me!!

On a more positive note, my partner is healing up nicely, she’s much more mobile than last week and should be back at work towards the end of next week, which she’s looking forward to. She’s been working from home this week, but she’s looking forward to seeing some work colleagues and getting out of the house properly.

I’ve managed to do 2 workouts this week. No heavy weights though, which I was going to do this weekend, but I’ve spent most of it looking at cars and working out finances etc and my brain is pretty fucking tired sat here tonight.

Not that that’s a good enough excuse to not go lift something heavy, but it’s one I’m using!

Next week I’m aiming to do 2 body weight workouts during the week then lift something heavy a few times at the weekend.

Tonight though, some rum and some football replays I think.

Until next time…



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