First week of the year delivering and another financial kick in the nuts.

This week has flown by. It was pretty knackering after having 10 days off, but it’s done and I’m back into the swing of things.

I almost didn’t make it to the end of the week though. The agency I signed up with to get this job contacted me and told me my wages would be going down due to the previous level only being available for Christmas.

I knew that the money I was on before Christmas was higher than normal simply due to the season, but when I was told it was going down by 25% I was pretty shocked.

That turned into anger when the agency said they simply forgot to tell me before Christmas that the money would be going down in the new year.

Sure it was also partly my fault for not asking but I was still pissed.

I worked out how much I was going to get paid for the next 6 weeks, which is how long I’ve got until I go permanent with the new company and financially I’m going to be just about ok.

So I sat down midweek and worked out what I’d be on once I go permanent just to make sure everything would be OK financially and I realised that whilst I would be ok financially I decided that ok isn’t good enough.

Having a reduced income from my last delivery job to this one is fine as I’d simply had enough of my last job, the whole set up etc wasn’t working for me and I was no longer willing to accept working on an OK job due to the higher money, so I’m happy to accept that decrease.

But now that I’m in the mindset of needing a job that is better for me on the whole, I also want it to be better financially.

And ultimately its time I moved away from high volume multidrop delivering as the financial reward doesn’t match up to the effort I have to put into the job.

I really enjoy the physical exertion but if I’m going to reduce my debt this year, I need to be financially rewarded for it.

I may not be able to find a delivery job that I enjoy enough that also pays enough, but I know that I’m going to have to bite the bullet as it were and try for some truck driving delivery jobs too.

There is a lot of commercial building going on around the town I live in, so I’m hoping a business will move in that I’d like to work for, because at the moment there isn’t much choice.

And due to being limited in my travel distance, I’m also limited on the company’s I can look at to work for.

Anyway, that’s all to come and will take some time to plan and implement, I’m going to take it easy doing it and try and get it right first time, so that I can go more than a year without working for several different companies again!

Today was the first day I’ve done any this year weight lifting/exercise and it felt great.

I only did some weighted chin ups, push ups and quick set of widow maker squats with a 10kg plate in my arms.

I’m going to do something similar a few times next week and then something a little heavier at the weekend and see if I can stick to it whilst being so physically active during the day.

I know I did it sporadically last year and when I did for a few weeks in a row, I started to feel better for it, but it’s when I have a really physically demanding few weeks that I stop and then take too long to start again.

So moving on to other stuff. My partners mother in law has gone home today, whoop!

I mean it was great that she stayed to help with household stuff for my partner whilst I worked during the day, but it’s been a tad weird having her around every evening when I’ve wanted to do my own routines.

My partner is now recovered enough to do all the easy things herself now, so she’ll be fine during the day, so I can work fine knowing she can at least look after herself.

Its going to be another 4 weeks though before she can get back into even a beginner fitness routine, so she’s going to have be at work 2hrs before her official start time when she goes back in a few weeks as I start a lot earlier than her and we go in the same car as otherwises it’s expensive to go separately, which is another reason why I need to find a more local job.

Right that’s enough of a mind dump for today. Its funny how writing shit down makes me feel better sometimes. I’d felt a bit mentally pent up this week but writing things down seems to release it somehow.

Meh, time for some football and a rum I think!

Until next time…



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