Delivery Driving & Exercise Diary 16.04.18

Decided to start posting daily again, but keep the entries shorter, more like a diary hopefully.

Got into the depot at 6:30am. Delivered and collected 100 stops with a total of 216 parcels handled. Left the depot at 5:45pm. 11.25hrs worked, ok.

Finally got back to weight lifting today.

4 x 20kg Chin Ups

5 x 15kg Chin Ups

5 x 10kg Chin Ups

Couldn’t quite manage the 5th rep at 20kg, but that’s to be expected seeing as it’s been about a month or more since I last did these. Left it at 3 sets and will do for the rest of the week when I do squats, overhead presses and push-ups.

Until next time…



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