Busiest Delivery Driving Week of the Year and Gardening to Unwind

This week has been bonkers. By far my busiest week of the year so far, but only on the hours worked, not the actual parcels delivered.

My breakdown for this week is:

I delivered and collected a total of 391 stops with a total of 830 parcels handled across 4 days, working a total of exactly 50 hours. Feck.

The double bank holiday weekend caused all sorts of backlog issues as well as nearly every private customer wanting their parcels at odd times of the day, meaning I had to crisscross my route every day.

It seemed that due to the bank holiday weekend people went silly with their delivery time requests and although the actual parcel numbers were about normal, the continually having to go back on myself meant added time to each day.

I worked 13hrs each day until yesterday which was only 11hrs, whoop.

I had the luck of being the last driver back to the depot on Thursday. Not sure what prize I won, aside from scowls from the warehouse and truck driver who were waiting for me to get back, sweet.

So fucking glad this week has been and gone. And that I live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood and have a garden full of plants that I can delve into and unwind on the weekends.

Got stuck into a few projects today, one being drilling holes into some galvanised zinc metal pots, so I could pot up some herb plants I got last week.

Now that the last sign of frost has gone, all our plants are starting to show signs of life again, which is nice.

Will be interesting to see what comes up this year from all the wildflowers I grew from seed last year. Which I planted a little late in the season to get a full crop from.

This year I’m growing some sweet pea’s from seed. I’m going to put together a small bamboo frame with some netting draped over for them to climb up, just got to find somewhere suitable in our small garden for them to go as there isn’t much space left from all the pots we have.

Also decided to buy a basic strawberry planter and pop a few dozen strawberry plants in. It will be interesting to see if I can grow any for us to eat, seeing as we’ve got lots of bird flying around the gardens where we live.

It’s nice to watch them feed on the neighbour’s feeders, but they are a little annoying when they come and have a scratch around our newly planted plants and throw dirt everywhere. It means we have to put chicken wire or netting over everything new we plant up until the plant is established.

Aside from carrying parcels I’ve only managed to get in two bouts of exercise this week. Both times I just did basic bodyweight stuff.

A few quick rounds of push ups, chin ups and squats. Just didn’t have the energy getting home gone 7pm to motivate myself to go lift any weights. Hey ho, it’ll do, fingers crossed next week is back to some normality.

Until next time…



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