All Work and Snow Play

Wowzers, the last few days have been so bloody busy due to the snow last week.

Friday was a whiteout. My route was cancelled, which I thought meant I got a day at home, alas, that was not the case. I went out for a few hours and did a local route, so at least I earned something for the day.

But due to the snow, Saturday was also cancelled so I worked Sunday to try and catch up a little, but that didn’t really go to plan as a few of the trailers had got stuck in snow and couldn’t even get to the depot.

So yesterday was manic, as was today.

Yesterday I arrived at the depot for 6:45am. 105 deliveries and collections, with 235 parcels handled. Left the depot at 7:45pm. 13hr day, feck me.

The route was spread out everywhere and lots of parcels that weren’t delivered on Friday.

No weightlifting as I was well knackered when I got home last night.

Today I arrived at the depot for 6:45am again. 108 deliveries and collections today, with 205 parcels handled. Left the depot at 6:45pm, 12hr day, meh.

After thinking I’d cleared the backlog yesterday when I arrived today I was informed that another half a trailer load from last week had arrived and so it was manic again today.

Hey ho, my route should definitely be caught up by now, I hope anyway pmsl.

Again no weightlifting when I got home, just feeling mentally exhausted from today and yesterday. But I’m already getting itchy feet and want to do something, so the plan is to definitely do some tomorrow evening.

Until next time…



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