I haven’t finished a book in years.

I’ve had lots of different books on my Amazon wish list for a few years now, but I’ve not brought any off of it for just as long. Not that I don’t read books any more, because I do.

It’s that I don’t finish them.

I don’t like reading fiction, I’ve never been into story books, even if they’re sci-fi/fantasy related. I prefer to watch movies and series that are sci-fi/fantasy related.

I like to read books that educate me in a way that I haven’t experienced yet.

My bookcase has the following range of books on it:

Alex Ferguson’s Autobiography

The Art of Expressing the Human Body by Bruce Lee (plus most of his other books)

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Finding Your Way Without a Map or Compass by Harold Gatty

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill

I have many more books along the lines of those above, which as you can see covers a broad range of subjects.

I’ve not consciously gone and brought this variety of books, but as the years have gone by I’ve been interested in various different things and decided to buy a book at a particular time because it was relevant to what I needed to know at that given time.

I think my issue nowadays is that rather than buy a book on a subject that I’m currently interested in, I tend to search for that topic online.

I find a website, blog, etc. that has the information I require and spend some time reading that.

The issue I’ve found with this is that the information tends to be in short form. So while I do get an amount of information on the subject I’m interested in, I don’t get any in-depth information.

I’ve found myself not wanting to delve deeper into a subject, but instead move on to the next subject, read a short piece of information about it and then move on to the next subject again.

Reading information on the internet has satiated my short term need for constant information, but I’ve recently found myself desiring more in-depth and meaningful information.

Information that I’ve only typically found within the pages of a book or at least within a long form article on the internet.

Anyway, this Christmas I received a couple of books off of my wish list which was great. Firstly because someone actually brought something off of it, instead of thinking to themselves, “hey this person has taken the time to put things they actually want into a list, but I’m not going to buy anything from it because I know better”.

And yes that has happened to me, on too many occasions.

I don’t know why the people I’ve given my wish list to think like that, but this year is only one of a handful of times that I’ve gotten something from the list, so it’s been a great Christmas from a gift point of view for me, haha.

The two books I received this Christmas were:

How To Get Lucky by Max Gunther and Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Two very different books, but two that I’ve wanted for most of 2016.

I’m reading How To Get Lucky right now actually, well, I’ve taken a 10-minute break for a coffee and to write this, haha.

I have in fact probably read more pages of this book than I have any book during the whole of 2016!

I do have to keep telling my stupid little mind that I don’t need to check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. every 10 minutes. I know for a fact that once I’m on social media that that’s me done for an hour or so, and I’ll end up going off on some random tangents of pressing/clicking and not actually do anything meaningful.

Ideally, I’d actually like to get another bookcase. The one I’ve got has five good sized shelves on it, but they’re all taken up with books and a few ornaments. Along with my growing collection of Funko Pops!

I do need to get creative and build/put up some shelving around the house, so that I can put my collections of Funko Pops and ornaments on them and keep the bookcase just for books.

Hmm, I feel a reorganising session of the bookcase coming on. Damn it, I need to make some more sausage rolls first though, piggy here ate all of the previous one’s I’d made!

Until next time…



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