Finally, I’m a HGV Driving Midget!

That was quite probably the longest three months of my fucking life.

Back at the end of August, I booked my HGV theory tests and there started my journey to obtain an HGV license. Today, three months and a week later and I’ve FINALLY got my license, I can officially drive an HGV Class 2 vehicle, wahoo!

Yes I had to take two practical tests, having failed the first one for being a nob head, yes I spent a curly wurly short of two fucking thousand pounds, but I’ve finally got it.

Now begins the job applications again, but this time it’s incredibly enjoyable. Simply because the wage increase is going to make it worth it. Although I’m not setting my sights too high, I know I’ll be getting more money each month, so it allows me to start planning my finances properly once again.

It’s funny because, within 18 months of leaving working on the farm, I will most likely have nearly doubled my yearly wage. And yet I spent the last few years working on the farm thinking that it wasn’t worth all the upheaval; moving back home, reskilling, looking for new jobs, etc.

How wrong I was.

Anyhoo, I’m glad the uncertainty is nearly over. I can now begin to get some routine back into my life and hopefully start proper weight lifting again.

Exercise wise I’ve been pretty regular the last few weeks, just not weightlifting. I’ve mainly been doing bodyweight stuff, but at least it’s been something, and it’s not knackering me out.

Sleep wise I’m still not 100% happy with my routine, but I’m getting daytime sleep now, so I know that it’s enough to get me through to leaving the night shift job and that’s good enough.

Just one and a half weeks left until I finish for a 2 week Christmas break, which I’m really looking forward to, mainly for the regular sleep I’ll be getting haha.

Then it’s full on for January, probably lots of night hours and trying to find a job during the daytime, but then hopefully that’ll make January go faster, and I’ll be in a new job before I know it.

Until next time…



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