Basic bodyweight exercises and treading water.

It’s been a weird few days off work for me. After possibly one of the best work weeks sleep wise, I got to the end of the week feeling great mentally and physically, the 1-2hrs extra sleep I’ve been getting each day this week definitely helped my moods towards the end of the week.

For most of this year by the end of the work week, I would start to feel a little demotivated and really not want to do anything on my days off, other than sleep and relax.

But this week even though mentally I felt great by the end of it, I just felt like not doing anything on my days off. Well, apart from playing poota games lol.

I did a few rounds of some bodyweight exercises yesterday, and today I did a 15-20 minute brisk walk on the treadmill with my 18kg weights vest on, for a bit of conditioning. I think I’m going to run next time as the brisk walk didn’t really get me out of breath.

Strangely I didn’t feel like doing any weight lifting on my days off, even though I was looking forward to doing some at the beginning of the week.

And today I had a good think about a few things in my life right now and I realised that it feels a little like I’m treading water at the moment.

Not moving on from a job I thought I was leaving and also not moving towards my financial goals, has meant that basically, I’ll be standing still for the next few months.

I like to feel that I’m always working towards something, but now that I’m staying in my current job for a few months, it doesn’t feel like I’m working towards anything particular, which I guess is true.

I need to find a few small things to work towards over the next few months to keep my motivation levels up, and they’ll probably be fitness and sleep related, as that’s about as much as I can plan for at the moment.

I think a few more weeks of getting more sleep during the day time should start to have a more positive effect on my daily moods, and I think I’ll set some conditioning goals as I know what I want to do weightlifting wise.

Anyhoo, enough of that, it’s zombie watching time.

Until next time…




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