I hate the taste of vegetables, here’s what I eat instead.

I’ve never been one for product reviews, but as I’m trying to post more often on this here diary/blog of mine and encourage some comments. You know maybe turn it into one of those things that people share stuff with other people to try and help them, that other people then comment on too.

A bit like talking to people in real life, being social and stuff. Something I’ve never been that good at though.

I’m alright once I get going, but don’t expect me to be the ice breaker, I’ll be the awkward one eating all the cocktail sausages in the corner of the room.

Yeah, maybe that’s why I can’t write content that others comment on.


Something I’ve possibly mentioned a few times is that I hate vegetables.

I’ve never liked the taste of most greens or any other coloured vegetables, I just dislike the earthy taste and unless they’re covered in a sweet sauce of some kind, I won’t eat them, end of.

I want to be fitter and healthier but I won’t eat vegetables, yep that’s me in a nut shell.

Mmmmm nuts, now those I like, but only roasted though, oh and honey roasted cashews, mmmmm.

Right so vegetables, here’s basically everything that I eat or like the taste of:

Peas, carrots, sweetcorn, lettuce, peppers (not the hot kind, I hate anything spicy or hot), onions, cherry tomatoes, chives and potatoes – yes apparently they are a vegetable, although I eat them as a carb, they can go on my vegetable list, so ner.

And that’s it.

Generally I like most fruit and I try and only eat mostly the seasonal fruits available during the warmer months here in the UK. Except for banana’s that I eat all year round mostly and Apples when they’re in season here in the UK – I did work on an Apple orchard for 7 years, so am kind of addicted to Apples when they’re in season now!

I do eat fruits from around the world occasionally but I try and stick with UK grown fruit and vegetables too, but I’ll eat vegetables out of season, as I don’t eat many!

Anyway, so I don’t get all the nutrients I probably should, that’s a given. So a few years ago I decided to look for a multi vitamin that could help replace any nutrients that I wasn’t getting by my lack of vegetable eating.

After some searching I came across a supplement called Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. And from what I have read it covers a lot of vitamins and minerals, plus a host of other things that are good for me.

So after I had read a few articles and then found a good source, I ordered some Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets.


The source I use here in the UK is http://www.seventhwaveuk.com/ as they come across as a reputable and trustworthy company and I love their no nonsense advertising etc. Clicking on that link will take you straight to the tablets in question.

I can’t say that since I’ve been taken them that I feel healthier etc, but I know that I’m getting some nutrients that I wouldn’t otherwise, so that’s an upside from me.

They’re easy to take and pretty cost effective for what they are.

But, and this is an effect that I wasn’t expecting and didn’t read up about until afterwards. They help with keeping plaque off your teeth. Or they do with mine anyway!

I normally keep links to articles that I read from reputable sources so that I can go back to them when needed, but for some reason I can’t find the article I read about Chlorella Pyrenoidosa being good for dental health.

Maybe it’s something I’ve made up, but either way, I’m convinced it helps reduce the plaque build up on my teeth when I take it regularly.

I noticed this around this time last year. When I was in the process of moving up from the country, I stopped exercising, eating healthy etc for a few months. And without really thinking about it I felt like the plaque on my teeth would build up quicker during the day time and my teeth would feel furry during the day time.

I didn’t think it was due to not taking the Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, but once we had settled into a new house again and I had started to get a routine back, I started taking my Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets again and by the end of the year I noticed that my teeth weren’t feeling furry during the day time, so I did a quick google search and I’m sure I came across a few articles about it being good at helping to fight dental plaque.

Alas, like I said, I can’t find those articles again. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything else that would effect the plaque build up in my mouth, so I can only put it down to the Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets.

Either way, even if no one else has the same findings on tooth plaque, I’m pretty sure the other health benefits of taking Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets are well worth it.

I’ve tried various other multi vitamin tablets and cost wise and nutrient wise these Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets from Seventh Wave have proved best by far I feel. They come in a nifty little pot that is easy to open and can be recycled easily too, although I do fancy keeping a few pots to put something in, like nails and screws and random buttons I find on the floor ….. I mean does anyone else find random buttons? I seem to have found quite a few recently?

Aaaaanyway, there’s my first official product review, whoop! Did you like it, did you hate it? Please let me know, I’d love some feedback, even if you just say, moo.

Let me know what you take (if anything) multi vitamin wise, I’d love to know what other people take who also don’t like vegetables, I’m sure there are some of you out there? Aren’t there? … please don’t let me be alone…… then again, I would get all the chocolate if I’m alone, mmmmmm.

Until next time…



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