Being fit and healthy is a lifetime adventure, not a short term journey.

I’ve started listening to a number of podcasts again this week. I used to listen to quite a few different one’s a few years back, but then stopped for some reason.

This week I was reading a blog post from one of the many fitness people I follow and they mentioned a podcast, I downloaded it and loved it. And since then I’ve listened to a few others and feel like I’m hooked again.

One of the podcasts I started listening to was by a guy called Jamie Alderton and the podcast is called Mindset with Muscle – if you want to have a listen it’s on various podcast outlets but I grabbed mine from Sound Cloud here


I think I’ll try to listen to a podcast whilst delivery driving and see how it goes, although maybe not next week as I’m starting my training for my HGV test next Friday, egads!

Anyhoo, the podcast I just listened to reminded me why I keep myself fit and healthy and also highlighted something that I’ve often come across when I meet other people who want to get fit and healthy.

And that is that a lot of people think that getting fit and healthy is a short-term journey, that it’s full of highs, that it’s a set time frame and that they can get there quickly and then that’s it, they’re fit and healthy for life.

Ding dang diddly wroooong.

Myself and those that have been keeping fit and healthy for a long time know that this isn’t the case, that short-term thinking like this is what causes a lot of people to fall off the wagon as it were, they give up because things get tough, because they haven’t lost x kilo’s in weight or gained x kilo’s in muscle etc, or they start saying things like “I don’t have the time” and then sit in front of the TV for a few hours every evening!

Also when life throws shit at them they give up temporarily and then give up permanently, because you know it’s hard being a pampered westerner with all our western problems.

Sure I’ve gone through long stages of not doing any exercise and/or eating healthy, but normally these have only lasted a few months at the most.

I think my longest period from when I first started exercising and eating healthier back in 1998, was nearly a full year. I was smoking weed and eating crap food and I was just coasting through life, going to work, coming home and not really doing much else.

But I got through that, I remember many times during that period that I kept saying to myself, I’ll get back exercising soon, I’ll get back to eating healthier soon. But it never happened.

But that never bothered me. Because I’d been healthy and fit for a few years, I just knew in the back of my head I’d be back on it one day and I felt relaxed and comfortable with the way I was leading my life.

If I never got back into exercise and eating healthier, well, that didn’t bother me at the time either, I just let whatever was happening to me happen and lived my life the way I felt like at the time.

I didn’t beat myself up emotionally because I felt like I should be doing something, or beat myself up because I felt like other people were judging me for not doing something.

Fuck other people and what they think.

That’s pretty much what I’ve thought my whole life, which is for a lot of people much easier to say than to do, but I’ve always had it in me and just done what I’ve wanted to do regardless of what other people think.

Maybe that’s my strength and why I can just let my exercise and healthier eating slide for periods and not be bothered too much about it.

Sure I get angry with myself and upset with myself sometimes. Like these last few months. I’ve slapped myself around the face a few times, telling myself to just get on with something exercise wise, just doing something no matter how small and short in time it is.

Just fucking do something.

And that’s been my mindset the last month or so. It’s no coincidence that since deciding this that every week for the last four weeks I’ve done at least 3-4 days worth of exercise.

My eating could have been healthier during this period, but that’s something else for me to mentally get through and get on top of. But right now I had to get on top of doing some regular exercise and I’m getting there.

My eating has been probably around 60-75% healthy (for me) in the last month or so, and that’s way below my usual level of 80%+ every week. And for sure I’ve suffered because of it.

I’ve had mood swings, potentially had mild depression at times, not wanting to socialise, not wanting to speak to anyone, but I’ve known that it’s all because of my lack of sleep and my mind is playing tricks on me, but it’s not been the real me.

All that’s happened to me is what I call life’s adventure.

What’s there to beat myself up about really?

As a pampered westerner I’ve never had it so easy. I’ve got a roof over my head, food in my belly, a body that is healthy and a partner that is loving.

I live in an area with plenty of countryside so I get to appreciate the outside world, I work with and have some great friends, sure not everyone is great, but on the whole I generally only befriend good people so those that are in my life right now, even remotely, are one’s I call good people.

So my life is pretty sweet when I compare it to the hundreds of millions of people who don’t have what I have, so what’s there to be down about?

Nothing that’s what.

I can’t be full of positive energy all the time though, I’m going to get tired and down on myself at times. But it’s how I respond to that that will dictate how my life goes.

If I continually beat myself up about the down times, then I’ll continue on a downward spiral. But if I’m open minded about it and acknowledge that even when I’m down and tired that there are positive things in my life, the down time will not last and I’ll be stronger for getting through it.

There’s always a positive aspect to everything, always something to learn from even the most difficult situations.

The over riding message to take from everything I’m writing about today is that life is one big adventure and it will have it’s up and downs. And when you embark on making yourself fitter and healthier, it is exactly the same.

You’ll have great periods and you should ride these like an exhilarating roller coaster. But when you have bad periods, you have to stay on that roller coaster until you get a high again because if you get off, then you’ll never know what that high will be like.

And trust me when I say that amazing things happen when you’re high! 😉

Until next time…




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