Being awake for 23hrs.

Wow. That was one epic day yesterday. Up at 2:30am to deliver juices on Thursday morning, then in the kitchen producing more juice, then drove up to Manchester in the afternoon, watched the match in the evening and drove straight back and was in bed for 2am this morning. 

Of the 23hrs I was awake, I was driving for 10 of them which is tiring in and of itself, but add in only 5.5hrs sleep from the night before and I should have been more tired than I felt.

But I was probably so excited about the football that maybe adrenaline kept me going all night lol. 

One thing I do remember though is everything feeling like it was a dream, I felt quite light headed for most of the day, which I guess was probably my brain coping,  or not so,  with the lack of sleep.

Anyhoo it was a great match and I got about 6.5hrs sleep last night, which wasn’t as much as I thought but I guess it was all my body needed.

A did a couple of exercises today, but that was it, kept it nice and easy. 

Seated cable rows: 10 x 20kg, 10 x 30kg, 10 x 40kg.

Bodyweight chin ups: 6, 6, 6, 7

Until next time. . . 



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