When you feel energised, go with it.

So I had mentally told myself that when I got home from work today I wasn’t going to do a workout.

I felt lethargic all day, as I mentioned in my last entry. But around 1pm I decided to neck a small glass of juice we had left over from today’s production and it had wheatgrass in it.

I think it had more wheatgrass in than I was expecting, because within about 30 minutes I was buzzing.

I came home a few hours later still felt pretty full of energy and so I thought fuck it, let’s go with it and use up some of the energy by working out, but I wasn’t going to do any main lifts.

This is what I started off doing…

Rear Delt Dumbbell Raise: 10 x 8.5kg, 10 x 7.5kg, 10 x 6.5kg

Dumbbell Side Raise: 8 x 11kg, 8 x 10kg, 8 x 9kg

Dumbbell Shrug: 12 x 20kg, 12 x 22.5kg, 12 x 25kg

And once I’d finished that I still pretty good, so I thought fuck it and did a few more exercises.

Static Dumbbell Lunge: 8 x 16kg, 8 x 13.5kg, 8 x 11kg

Cable Pull Through: 8 x 20kg, 8 x 20kg, 8 x 20kg.

By the time I had finished the pull throughs I think I had used up all my energy as I started to feel tired, so I stopped there.

Overall I’m pretty happy with that workout, all things considered. I should be able to get the main lifts for this week done on Fri and Sat, although I’m not sure about Friday as I’ll probably be recovering from the footy.

Up at 2:30am tomorrow, to go deliver. Then in the kitchen until about midday. Then it’s whang it up to Manchester for the evening match and then I’ll be home around 1am.

So I’ll be awake for 22.5hrs, yeah I’ll be fine to workout on Friday, pmsl.

Until next time…




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