Everyone has voices in their head, right? 

Well the last four days last week were non-existent exercise wise, go me.

Four days last week, boom. Last 3 days of last week, not so boom.

Fri through to yesterday afternoon I felt like I was getting a cold, my nose felt bunged up and I felt achy all over my body.

Fri/Sat I just thought it was my body recovering from the weeks exercise on the shit amount of sleep I give it, but then Sunday I thought differently and yet by yesterday afternoon I felt fine again.

Alas, this morning I awoke at 2:30am again to start work at 3am like Monday morning but this morning I only managed 4hrs sleep last night as stayed up till gone 10pm watching my beloved Manchester United, so I feel pretty shitty energy wise today.

I got home mid morning and instead of trying to snooze on the sofa, I decided to get into bed and see if that helped at all.

Fuck did it. I managed about an hours kip over the space of two hours as I woke up once or twice, but I stayed in bed hoping that my body/brain would give in, but after waking up the second or third time I decided to get up.

But when I awoke I felt spaced out and light headed and said to myself out loud, nah I’m not going to bother with any exercise and then this little voice in my head was like, just go do something light, you’ve planned for days like this, made up a routine so that if you feel tired you can pick some lighter exercise, so just go do something.

Which is what I did. . .

Cable Bicep Curl: 10 x 17.5kg, 10 x 20kg, 10 x 22.5kg

Cable Tricep Pulldown: 10 x 10kg, 10 x 12.5kg, 10 x 15kg

Cable Face Pull: 10 x 10kg, 10 x 12.5kg, 10 x 15kg

And I felt fucked doing just that. My heart was pumping, my head started feeling even lighter and so I’m pretty glad that’s all I did, but also glad that I did something as it’s all too easy to allow the tiredness to take over and that not doing anything would soon stretch to a week or two very easily.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be up early’ish tomorrow and by that I mean still 3:30am, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to get more than 4hrs sleep. So I’ll probably do a main lift of some kind tomorrow, we’ll see how the body feels.

The fog is just about starting to lift from my brain now, but I think it’s moving to my body as it’s feeling heavy and slow.

Hey ho, it’s time for some food.

Until next time…



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