Amount of sleep is still lacking, but regular exercise is improving my mood once again.

I seemed to have turned a corner this week, maybe it will only last this week, but I feel like this regular exercise bout will last longer.

By making the exercise plan I did at the weekend it seems to have given me something extra mentally to motivate myself to go and exercise when I don’t want to.

Despite knowing that I could reduce the weights on the main lifts whenever I wanted to, for some reason I just never did it.

Maybe it was ego, maybe it was just me trying to make myself think I was still strong, which I am by a lot people’s standards, but I’m not as strong as I was 12 months ago and it’s taken me a too long to acknowledge and then accept this fact.

There’s no shame in it, I’ve struggled to get more than 5.5hrs sleep for 4 out of the 5 days I work for the last 12 months and some nights it’s as low as 4.5hrs. And no matter how much I’ve tried I just can’t get to sleep any earlier in the evenings and so my ability to recover and overall strength levels have reduced.

I’ve thought that perhaps if I changed my nutrition a little and added in some different foods, then it might help.

But then I’ve tried that in the past and not been happy at all. I really do not like vegetables, even hidden away in sauces or stews lol. I’ve tried various different meats and always come back to what I currently eat because I don’t like the taste of anything else.

I literally eat, sausages, bacon, beef mince, beef burgers, beef meat balls, beef hache steak and chicken breast. That’s it. I don’t like any kind of fish, it’s just too… fishy. I don’t like steak, which is supposedly the strangest thing a man can’t like according to literally everyone that finds out. And any other meats I haven’t mentioned, I just can’t eat them other than if it’s a meal eaten out and I have no choice.

Anyway, my nutrition is as good as it will ever be. I could probably have been more consistent with my healthy eating and eaten less junk food over the last few months. But then my lack of recovery and strength losses had kicked in long before.

And perhaps that’s why I started eating more junk food a few months ago, because subconsciously I knew my strength and ability to recover from workouts was reducing and I couldn’t cope with it.

Fuck knows, but as always when I fall off the wagon as such, I find a way back on again.

So with that in mind after having a rest day yesterday, which was needed as I could feel all the cable work I had done on Monday, I decided today was as good a day to do something again, despite again only getting 5hrs sleep and being up at 3am, I went and did the following…

Barbell Widowmaker Squats: 20 x 75kg

Holy shit I was fucked on these today, definitely glad I didn’t try and go any higher than 90kg as I’d have failed miserably right now.

Overhead Barbell Shoulder Press: 6 x 37.5kg, 6 x 42.5kg, 8 x 47.5kg

These felt good and I really wanted to do more reps and weight, but I told myself to behave and stick with the plan, which was a good idea because sat here writing this I’m pretty pooped and I think the lack of sleep last night and early start this morning is catching up with my body.

Here’s a cheesy action shot of me mid way through one of the reps:

Overhead Shoulder Press

I took a short video to check my form was alright and it seems I still have an issue with my left arm being weaker, so I think I might change to dumbbell presses soon to try and even out the strength difference as it gets really noticeable on the last few reps of each set.

I was going to leave it at that, but then remembered I said I wanted to do some work on my rear and side shoulders twice a week, so as I already did some side raises on Monday I thought I’d do some of these.

Cable Face Pull: 8 x 10kg, 8 x 12.5kg, 8 x 15kg

These were new to me and I watched a few videos before doing them to make sure I got the form spot on, which I feel I did. The weight felt quite light, so I’ll add another 2.5kg next time, but I won’t be going silly on them and putting on stupid weights.

Glad I left it at that, as like I said, I feel knackered now. My reduced capacity is blatantly obvious today lol.

Hey ho, tomorrow is a lay in as I’m not delivering for once, so I should be able to get over 6hrs sleep, whoop! Depending on how I feel I might do a few more exercises, but I’ve done most of the accessory moves already this week, so I’ve only got the big boys left, so maybe I’ll leave them for Saturday and Sunday, we’ll see.

Until next time…



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