Exercise is a bug and I’ve got a fever again!

No idea who originally said it but whoever did were spot on when they first said “You’ve got the fitness bug”.

Simply because it’s exactly right, once you’ve got into fitness properly you certainly get the bug and it’s hard to get rid off.

And right now after a few months of fighting the fitness bug off with laziness and junk food I have finally got the fitness fever again and it feels fucking awesome!

No matter how long I exercise for, every single time I go lift weights or go for a run or cycle I am constantly and consistently amazed at the feeling of happiness that comes with it.

And also pretty damn thankful for it too because without a doubt that same buzz I get from exercise has helped me through some pretty rough times, especially lately.

Anyway, without further ado after my last post saying that my exercise plans go to shit and that I shouldn’t make any and then deciding to make some after all (yeah, my job has fucked my brain right up) I spent a few hours yesterday evening boshing together a new lifting routine.

I decided enough was enough and that I needed to make a proper plan and give it a proper go. I’ve got eight weeks or so left of this current job of getting up and stupid o’clock and if I don’t knuckle down and man up I’ll go into a HGV job looking and feeling like shit.

Despite exercising more these last two weeks it still hasn’t been enough to make me feel like I’m back on it properly and yeah sure I could be being harsh on myself, but I need to be because otherwise I feel normal.

I hate nothing more than feeling normal. Feeling like a non-fit person, is that even a term?

I love feeling and knowing that I’m stronger than most people I meet and I want to feel properly strong again and so it’s time to get on it.

Like I said yesterday, I’ve listed all the movements that I want to do and I’ll basically pick 4/5 movements every workout, depending on how I feel that day. And I’ll go a little lighter on the weights of the big lifts if I’m feeling particularly tired.

The main difference this time around is that I’m going to swallow my pride and stick to weights that are middle of the range for all the exercises. At least until I can get a month’s worth of workouts under my belt and more than likely until I leave my current job in the next few months.

Deadlifts and squats have always been the lifts that whack me the most so I’m going to stay in the middle range of weights on these for definite. Although I did want to see what my widowmaker squat max could be, I realised that it’s actually pretty stupid of me to be trying it now what with the lack of sleep and recovery.

So I’ve knocked that on the head from this point forward and I’m actually not too fussed as I did a set of 20 x  90kg last week and probably had another 5kg in the tank before I would’ve started to struggle to complete the 20 reps I think, so as it is I’m pretty happy with that.

I am though going to include two lots of squats into each week. As I’m really enjoying them at the moment and along with doubling up on some shoulder movements, I’m hoping to see some growth in both my legs and shoulders over the next few months. Although I should see growth everywhere seeing as though I haven’t been consistent for a long while, I just need to make sure my eating is better than it has been.

So here are the movements I’m intending to do moving forward and the weights I’m going to use this week:

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Barbell Squat 20 75
Barbell Squat 6,6,6 80, 85, 90
Cable Pull Through 8,8,8 15,17.5,20
Barbell Goodmorning 8,8,8 27.5, 30, 32.5
Deadlift 6,6,6 82.5, 87.5, 92.5
Dumbbell Lunge 8,8,8 16,13.5,11
Rear Dumbbell Raise 8,8,8 8.5,7,6
Barbell Overhead Press 6,6,6 37.5, 42.5, 47.5
Dumbbell Side Raise 8,8,8 11,10,9
Dumbbell Shrug 8,8,8 20, 22.5, 25
Rear Cable Row – Facepull 8,8,8 10, 12.5, 15
Incline Bench Press 6,6,6 65,70,75
Dumbbell Flye 8,8,8 10,12.5,15
Weighted Ring Dips – Chest 6,6,6 7.5, 5, 2.5
Chin Up 6,6,6 bw, bw, bw
Barbell Row 8,8,8 46.5,51.5,56.5
Seated Cable Row 8,8,8 20, 25, 30
Overhead Tricep Press 8,8,8 17,16,15
Barbell Curl 8,8,8 24, 21.5, 19

Like I said, I’ll pick 4/5 movements each time I go and lift and we’ll see how it goes. Once a week I’ll still do a widowmaker set of squats and most likely until I leave my current job I’ll leave the weight at just over bodyweight.

Although I did a few exercises yesterday, I went and lifted again today as I felt pretty good, just not good enough to do a main lift which I wasn’t too fussed about today.

Anyway here’s what I ended up doing today…

Rear Delt Dumbbell Raise: 8 x 8.5kg, 8 x 7.5kg, 8 x 6.5kg

Dumbbell Side Raise: 8 x 11kg, 8 x 10kg, 8 x 9kg

Cable Pull Through: 8 x 15kg, 8 x 17.5kg, 8 x 20kg

Tricep Dumbbell Extension: 8 x 17.5kg, 8 x 15kg, 8 x 12.5kg

Single Leg Dumbell Calf Raise: 10 x 10kg x 3

Yesterday and today have been accessory moves, which means I’ve got mainly the main lifts left for rest of the week, which is OK as I’m only up early on Thursday so I should be ok recovery wise this week, we’ll see.

Until next time…




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