Tired midgets still move forward. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that my plans are shit and that I should stop making them.

Either that or I should just man the fuck up.

I’ll probably end up doing the latter, but for now I’ll wallow in my self pity.

I had plans of doing a bodyweight Widowmaker set of squats on Saturday, but alas I pussied out, instead I did a load of household choirs including putting a shelf up in the kitchen.

Go domesticated me!

Could’ve done them yesterday or even today, but again I pussied out, both days blaming tiredness for not doing them.

Today though I am actually properly tired having only had 4.5hrs sleep last night.

See if I had’ve lifted weights on Sunday I probably would’ve been tired enough to get to sleep earlier, alas I didn’t, I’m a dick.

Hey ho. I did some lifting today that’s all that matters at the moment, which consisted of mainly cable work for some reason. I did some barbell rows, then just fancied some cable work…

Bent Over Barbell Rows: 10 x 46.5kg, 10 x 49kg, 10 x 51.5kg

Cable Lat Pulldown: 10 x 20kg, 10 x 25kg, 10 x 30kg

Seated Cable Row: 10 x 20kg, 10 x 25kg, 10 x 30kg

Upright Cable Row: 10 x 10kg, 10 x 15kg, 10 x 20kg

Cable Bicep Curl: 10 x 10kg, 10 x 15kg, 10 x 20kg

Yup, that’s a fair bit of cable work, lazy fucker pmsl.

As always, about half way through the session I felt great. The adrenaline had kicked in and I was buzzing whilst listening to this tune:

Here’s the link to it on Spotify if you fancy a listen: https://open.spotify.com/track/70fBs1HIpcAoQH0jUXgFRY

Man I love music, especially with a big beat.

I didn’t feel strong enough to do any main lifts, so I stuck to these accessory movements. Like I said, better to do something than nothing. Which has been the story the last few weeks, aside from the widowmaker squats that is.

I shouldn’t beat myself up too much, I’ve probably done more lifting these last few weeks than I have for a few months, so I’m getting there again, just slower than I’d like due to being whacked all the time.

Now that I’ve finished my workout I feel pretty good and actually feel like making plans again.

Fuck my brain.

What could possibly work is going back to what I tried a few months ago. And that was writing down all the exercises I wanted to do over four workouts and as it suited me, picking an amount of movements from the list.

It was supposed to work out that on the days I felt strong (rarely lately) I would go and do some big lifts (squats, ohp etc) and then on all the other days I would just do the accessory lifts.

Thinking about it as I write this it kind of makes perfect sense really. Like today, I would’ve ticked off all those accessory exercises above and then tomorrow or Wednesday I could pick a few others from the list.

Fuck it, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m off to go plan it out, right now.

Until next time…



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