Journal Entry 05.10.16 – 90kg Widowmaker Squats Finally

Man I’m behind the cool kids sometimes. Only just realised that WordPress had an app so I could’ve done some short an sweet posts all this time. 

Go grandad WeeMike! 

Anyhoo, Monday was my first attempt at the 90kg Widowmaker Squats and they failed miserably as I felt a twinge in my left knee in the 2nd rep and so stopped right there. 

Nothing came of it as I felt fine Tuesday, but I was a little lethargic. Went for it again but got to the 8th rep and just felt like something wasn’t right and as I reracked the barbell I was right… 

Little black stars. 

Nope that’s not a song title. It’s all I could literally see once the barbell weight came off my shoulders pmsl. 

I think I might’ve pinched a nerve or something, although there was no pain, but I just didn’t feel right so called it a day. 

And so onto today. My third straight day of getting up at stupid o’clock (3am) with only 5-6hrs sleep and I thought hey ho I’ll leave it until Friday or Saturday. 

Got home from work this afternoon, had an hours snooze for once and then when I woke up I was like fuck this I’m going to go squat. 

And squat I did. All fucking 20 reps of the bastard 90kgs.

Shite a brick. I was wheezing, phlegm was in my throat, my lungs were tight, but I squatted those bastards! 

One thing was in my mind though. 

My legs and back felt fine. Strong and compact throughout all 20 of them. 

Not once did I struggle strength or form wise, just breathing.

So that tells me I’ve got more in the tank. But that my body is just unconditioned.

Which isn’t surprising, considering my reduced activity levels and consistent lack of sleep really.

So overall I’m chuffed, over the moon in fact. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get 90kg and yet I did and I’ve got more in the tank it seems. 

That’s it for this week though and I’m going to stick to once a week now. So next week whenever I feel strong and able I’ll go and try the 95kg set of 20. 

Between now and then though I think I’ll try and increase my conditioning a bit by doing some lighter Widowmaker sets of bodyweight, which at the moment is 74kg.

They should be light enough to not overly tax my body, but heavy enough to improve my bodies conditioning to take on the 95kg set next week. 

Whoop, 90kg Widowmakers baby, yeah! 

Until next time… 



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