Weightlifting, Rainy Days, Tea and Cookies

So today I had planned to do a weights workout, or at least some of one, which was going to include a 90kg widow maker set of barbell squats.

Alas, my lazy ass got in the way. As sometimes happens on my days off I decide to have a lazy day.

Well it was pissing down with rain today and as it’s starting to feel Autumnal I thought fuck it why not have a lazy day, haha.

So I made myself a massive cuppa and grabbed a couple of cookies to dunk and got comfy on the sofa and played some Fifa 17, boom!

Yeah, it didn’t last long, about an hour or so, then the freak of a fitness voice in my head started shouting, go do something, just anything you lazy mofo.

And so I did something.

Dumbbell Side Raises: 10 x 5kg, 10 x 6kg, 10 x 7.5kg

Dumbbell Rear Rows: 10 x 5kg, 10 x 6kg, 10 x 7.5kg

Barbell Overhead Press: 15 x 37.5kg

Bodyweight Decline Pushups (feet raised 13 inches): 15, 15, 15

Even though I have tomorrow left of this week, I want to literally just do the 90kg widow maker set and some chin ups tomorrow, so I thought I’d get in the 2nd shoulder workout of the week as I said I would.

After that I pretty much carried on bumming around for the day. I’ve got to make the most of it, 5 straight days of having 7hrs+ sleep every night as I’m back to getting up at 3am from Monday and you know it’s just great having lazy days every now and then.

Yesterdays hgv driving assessment went great. It felt awesome to get behind the wheel of a big truck. Seems I’m an OK driver too and will only need the average 4 days of training before I take my test, so that’s all good. 

Just want to get it all done and dusted now as I hate tests so much and never do as well on them as I do in the practice for some reason. I don’t feel like I get nervous at all, but for whatever reason I never get as higher score in actual tests as I do in practice tests, just one of those things I guess, at least I generally pass though haha.
Until next time…



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