Journal Entry 26.09.16 – Widowmaker Squats and Time for HGV practical. 

Well Thursdays last hgv theory test went well. I passed, whoop. So now I can finally move on to the practical and start some actual hgv driving.

I’ve got an assessment this week to see what my level is which will tell the instructors roughly how many days I need of training before I take the main test.

I’m hopeful that it’ll be the average of 4 days practice/learning, but we’ll see.

My exercise went out of the window after passing my past theory test. I started to get a headache lunch time Thursday which whilst was only mild I knew lifting would make worse from previous experience, so I thought I’d be alright Friday.

But Friday when I woke up, what was a mild headache had turned into a cracking headache which was bordering on a migraine. So I took some pain killers and relaxed for most of the day.

By the end of Friday I’d taken as many painkillers as I could without potential causing myself the shits, but it was still there, so what with going to the footy on Saturday and having gotten up early all week, I went to bed early for once.

I couldn’t sleep properly though. I kept waking up every 30 minutes or so. Probably half to do with the the headache and half due to excitement of going to the footy.

Anyway, I got out of bed around midnight and took some more pain killers and went to sleep on the sofa as I didn’t want to wake my partner up with my tossing and turning and I know our sofas are really comfy and great for sleeping on so I was hopeful of getting some proper sleep.

Thankfully I did and woke up with the alarm at 4am. The headache was still there but bareable for the drive to Manchester.

The footy was awesome but I had to take a few more painkillers during the day as the fucking headache just wouldn’t shift.

I had some chips and gravy (a Northern delicacy) and a pint of beer, then after the footy a chicken burger and chips and I took a massive shit which seemed to ease the headache quite considerably.

Now that might sound weird to some, mentioning taking a massive shit. But I’ve noticed that after a couple of days of eating junk like I normally do at the end of my work week I sometimes get a headache the day or two afterwards.

So I’m starting to think that I’m either eating too much junk food those few days or something particular isn’t agreeing with my gut and my body is reacting with a headache to tell me something is wrong.

Anyway, I’m going to pay attention to what I shove in my gob for the next few junk food binges and see if I can find any correlations.

Yesterday and today I feel fine so it’s definitely something to do with my gut seeing as though a big shit started to sort it out.

Back on the exercise today with a tough Widowmaker set of squats. 20 x 85kg is still 12.5kg from my best of a few years ago but it’s getting close to my bodies limit right now due to the lack of sleep and recovery.

I feel confident that I should be able to get to 95kg or even match my top weight again though, but I think I’ll need a few weeks and a few days extra recovery after lol.

I did some shoulder exercises too today.

Barbell Overhead Press: 8 x 47.5kg, 8 x 42.5kg and 8 x 37.5kg.

Dumbbell Side Raise: 10 x 10kg, 10 x 7.5kg and 10 x 6kg.

I was quite pooped after that this afternoon. Had my lunch and then a mid afternoon nap, aaaaaah.

Will do a few more shoulder exercises tomorrow to round em off…

Dumbbell Rear Raise: 10 x 5kg, 10 x 6kg and 10 x 7kg.

Barbell Upright Row: 10 x 26.5kg, 10 x 29kg and 10 x 31.5kg.

And looking ahead I’m going to try and do 2 workouts of side and rear raises a week for a month or so and try and get some growth on my shoulders, add a bit more width to my upper body again as they’ve been neglected the last few months and more.

As long as I make sure I get enough food then I should see some improvement in that time frame which will be crucial to me doing the Widowmaker Squats too, also I should then be close to leaving my current job and hopefully not be in a job that has me working nights, whoop!

Until next time…



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