Journal Entry 21.09.16 – Weighted Sprinting and Mock HGV Theory Test

Oh man my boobies were aching today. Not done incline bench press for a few months and I can already feel the doms in my chest today lol.

Hey ho. I stuck to a quick weighted walk/sprint on the treadmill as I had planned. Plonked on the 20kg weights vest and then walked for 5 minutes, then ran at 9 kph for about 3 minutes and walked again for 5 minutes.

That was enough to get my heart pumping pretty fast and a bit of a sweat on but I didn’t want to not do anything today as I want to do something exercise wise 6 days out of 7 for a month or so, just to get some conditioning back and get back into the swing of exercising regular again.

Tomorrow is my last HGV theory test but I’ll be back home by mid morning so I’ll have plenty of time to get in some weightlifting, which I think I’ll be doing some shoulder work all being well.

Right I’m off to get a quick bit of last minute studying in for my test tomorrow and another mock test, then watch the footy and bed for about 4.5hrs sleep.

Yeah, I should be missing the footy really what with a test tomorrow, but I’m a dick and I’m having my cake and eating it.

Until next time…



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