Journal Entry 18.09.16 – Widowmaker Squats and Ice-cream and Jelly. 

Going to keep this short and sweet as I feel fucking miserable after my football team lost for the 3rd time in a week. 

Did another set of widowmaker squats today and did 80kg weight and surprisingly my legs felt good. I was pretty puffed out and had to take a few deep breathes after the 10th and 15th reps, but overall my legs felt like they’ve got more in the tank. 

So I’m going for 85kg on Tuesday and we’ll see how they feel then. I’m feeling better than I thought I would doing them, seeing as though a few years ago I did 97.5kg for 20 reps, I’m not as far away as I thought I might be now. 

I did a few back exercises to today. Some bent over rows (10 x 46.5kg, 10 x 49kg, 10 x 51.5kg) seated rows (10 x 30kg x 3 sets) and some up right rows (40 x 7.5kg)

Tomorrow I’m going to do some bench pressing and some flyes for a change. Not done any for a few months so it’s overdue regardless of how I’m feeling.

Had some vanilla ice cream and blackcurrant jelly for a treat pudding and not even sugar could cheer me up pmsl. 

I could tell I was pretty fucking miserable  from the football result today as even after my squat session I didn’t feel any better, which is very unusual as weightlifting has always been my get out and cheer myself up clause.

Possibly because I’ve stepped off the weightlifting of late that it’s not having the same effect on me. Hence why I definitely need to get back to regular workouts, which this coming week should see me do. 

We’ll see what happens.

Until next time… 



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