Journal Entry 12.09.16 – Widow Maker Squats and Two HGV Theory Tests Passed

Well the widow makers aren’t going as well as I had hoped when I started them two weeks ago, but I’m still up to a set of 20 at 70kg today, which is better than a kick in the nuts.

Last week I was just too pooped from the early starts and my brain felt like it was going to explode all the time from all the studying I’ve been doing for these HGV theory tests.

At least the studying has payed off so far as I’ve passed two of the three tests, whoop! Just one more to go in 10 days time and then I can move on to some actual HGV driving practice.

Keeping this short and sweet today as I want to get to bed early for once, make sure I recover from today’s widow makers ready for tomorrows workout as I’ve decided that doing the widow maker sets and a normal workout is just too tiring for me at the moment with these early starts.

Until next time…



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