Journal Entry 07.09.16 – 11 hour work day and wheatgrass shots

Phewee today was a long day at work. Up at 3am to start for 3:30am and I was supposed to finish at 12pm but we are pretty busy and so I worked till 3pm.

When 12pm came round I was starting to flag energy wise, but then I downed about 250ml of a green juice which had cucumber, apple, lettuce, celery, kale, chard, parsley, coriander and it also had a shot of wheatgrass in, oooooh boy. Without a doubt having these small juices helps me get my veg intake up as otherwise it would be juice carrots, pea’s, sweetcorn and lettuce I’d eat lol.

Within 20 minutes of drinking that juice I could feel the wheatgrass working it’s way around my body, man I felt good. My body was alive and full of energy, my mind was sharp and focussed.

I whizzed through the next few hours of work with ease. I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy it was great. I think I might bosh together another little juice for myself tomorrow, ready for around 12pm for when I will no doubt be flagging again.

The wheatgrass didn’t last too much longer as by the time I got home I was feeling pooped, so I had my dinner and had a quick snooze on the sofa for once.

No widow makers tonight and I think I’m in for another long day tomorrow, so they’ll have to wait until Friday afternoon when I get back from my first HGV theory test.

Right, best go do a little bit of studying, make sure I’m up to scratch for Friday.

Until next time…



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