Journal Entry 05.09.16 – Widow Maker Squats and Greek Yoghurt 

Quick entry tonight, but want to keep my roll going. Up at 2am. delivering around London till gone 7am this morning, which is unusual as I’m nearly home normally by then, but holy shit the traffic, so fucking glad I don’t delivery to London after 7am all the time!

Anyhoo, back to base to work in the kitchen for a few hours, then home by midday today. Was surprisingly spritely when I got home so cracked straight on with my workout.

Widow maker set of barbell squats at 65kg. Felt good and feeling like I’m back in the groove of them almost, another set on Weds hopefully and it’ll be at 70kg then maybe one on Friday at 75kg.

Although I’m thinking maybe not as I’m off to watch Manchester United play again and with a 6hr drive the following day I don’t think my legs will cope lol, so I might leave it until Sunday.

Back on my eating as of today too, decided to track my calories for a few weeks, make sure I’m getting enough, until I get used to it again then I can go by eye again.

My boss said the other day don’t I get bored of eating the same lunch every day, to which I replied plain and simply “nope”. I like sticking to chicken sandwiches and some greek yoghurt with fruit, it’s quick and easy to make every week night and it’s health, so it’s a win win from me!

I’ve really gotten to love Greek yoghurt lately too. When I have some with my lunch I normally chuck in some strawberry jam and some kind of fruit too, it’s so lush and creamy. Best of all it’s full of protein so a double whammy of awesomeness!

I’ve spent the best part of this summer chucking a load of fresh strawberries in it but I’ve kind of gone off them now strangely. Maybe I’m all full up on vitamin-C lol.

Oh yeah, I’ve been able to move one of my HGV theory tests to this Friday, so that’s good. It is only one of the three, but it’s something at least.

Aaah, full stomach from dinner, tired body from working out and a tired mind too, don’t think I’ll need my relation music to get to sleep tonight!

Until next time.



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