Journal Entry 04.09.16 – I Hate Working Sundays

I’ve been in my current job for three weeks short of a year now and I still can’t get over working Sundays. I absolutely love watching sports, mainly football, but also Formula 1, Cricket as well as Tennis and Athletics too.

Apart from a few Sundays, I’ve had to miss so much sport the last 12 months and I’ve hated it, but I’ve kept saying to myself it’s ok, i’ll be either driving full time soon and so won’t be working Sundays or I’ll be leaving.

Even though the latter situation has now come around, I’ve still got another two months of missing sport on a Sunday and it’s so frustrating. Especially when my team Manchester United will be playing one of these coming Sundays.

Any hoo, I’ll find a way of watching this Sunday match somehow, even if I have to take my laptop in to work and work an hour later than I had planned so I can take an extended lunch break to watch the match.

Today was the longest Sunday I’ve worked in over a month and I was expecting the day to drag, but we were very busy so it flew by, which lessened the annoyance I had of missing the sport that was on.

No workout for me though as I’m quite pooped and I’ve had to get my food ready for tomorrow, eat dinner and shower ready for bed at 8pm as I’m up at 2-2:30am tomorrow for a long delivery night/morning.

Hey ho, the count down has begun, it’s 8 weeks to the day I think that I’m off or that’s the plan anyway, hopefully I’ll pass my HGV training/test and get a new job before then otherwise I might be signing on with the job agencies.

Meh, worry about that when the time comes.

Until next time…




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