Journal Entry 03.09.16 – Relaxation time and Cinema

Well my writing a journal entry every day didn’t last long. Not that I thought it would, but 3 days I think it was? lol

Anyway, lots of relaxation the last few days. Plenty of WoW playing, watching sport, a little bit of HGV studying and a visit to the cinema today to watch the new Star Trek movie.

Star Trek and Star Wars are probably my two most favourite sci-fi movies/series ever and they can do no wrong in my eyes. And this latest Star Trek was just as good as the previous two in this current run, it’s just so sad that the guy who played Chekov died in real life, he played him so well and I really loved his role in this movie.

It was a nice touch in the movie itself for the original Spock to be remembered and in the credits too. I never really got into sci-fi until my mid twenties I think it was so I didn’t get attached to the old Spock, but from the few movies I did see he was a great actor and I could’ve seen him staring in at least one more of the new Star Trek movies.

I’ve actually really enjoyed not doing much these last couple of days, it makes a difference to my work week when it always seems to be pretty hectic and because I’m generally tired most evenings, I never seem to feel like doing much apart from reading lol.

By the time I’ve just about recovered on my two days off, I’m up early again and then up at stupid o’clock getting all tired again by the end of the work week. It’s been a vicious 12 month circle nearly and one that I’ll be glad to see the end of in a few months time.

I’m still kind of kicking myself for taking so long to decide properly to obtain my HGV license as I could’ve had it and been off within a few weeks from now instead of eight more weeks that I’ve probably got, hey ho, live and learn.

Should’ve done a workout today, but I decided against it and will do it tomorrow instead. I’m looking forward to doing the 65kg widow maker barbell squats when I get back from work tomorrow afternoon, think I’ll add in a few other movements but not too many as I want to make sure I get in three workouts next week.

It’s time to get back on it properly, back to eating enough too, after whats been nearly two months of intermittent working out and eating properly. A difficult period job wise and my health and fitness has suffered, go figure.

It should only take a week of being back on it and I’ll notice the difference energy wise, which in turn should have a knock on effect of feeling like I want to work out properly again more regularly, which I’m looking forward to.

Anyhoo, I’m off to finish a quest on wow.

Until next time…



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