Journal Entry 01.09.16 – World of Warcraft and Junk Food Fridays!

Up at 3am again. Probably got just short of 5.5hrs sleep, felt pretty good most of this morning considering.

I’ve been leaving for work a little drowsy the last few days. Seeing as I’m up and out the door within 5 minutes due to my bicycle being in for a service.

Normally I’m up and dressed, kettle on to make a flask of coffee, bag packed and cycle to work and am wide awake by the time I get there. All that probably takes about 25-30 minutes normally.

But this week having no bike to work and also having a slightly different delivery route has meant I’ve come home after delivering for about 30-45 minutes before going back to work to start my next shift, so I’ve had no need to take a flask of coffee with me, nor pack my bag.

I could of course smack my head against a wall, or squeeze my nut sack in a vice. I’m sure either would wake me up sufficiently, but I think they might be a littler extreme even for me. I’m coping well enough so I’ll stick to some fresh air as I park around the corner from work and the walk wakes me up enough to be safe to drive…. I think.

Sitting and waiting for my provisional HGV license to come back from the DVLA is a right pain in the arse. Not that I can do much until I’ve passed my theory test in three fecking weeks time.

I am checking the theory test website for cancellations every day, just in case I can move it forward, but no luck the last few days, hey ho.

Picked my bike up from the bike shop this afternoon and it’s all sorted, although I forgot to mention that the gears slip in a few of them so they obviously didn’t fix that, which is annoying, but never mind, that can wait till the next service in six months. Went out for a short 45 minute ride to make sure they sorted out my back brake and chain slipping, which they did so that’s cool.

Once I’ve got myself some minimalist running shoes in the next few months I’m going to look into getting a slightly better bike, specifically a more road specific bike. I’ll probably go for some hybrid, but I want one that is more adapted to the road than my current bike which I got thinking I’d cycle back and forth to work and then use it at the weekends to go off road.

Alas, that hasn’t happened, ever. And it’s a bit chunky for getting any decent speed on and going for longer bike rides of 30 mins+. It does fine, but I want to kick up the speed a gear every now and again and it doesn’t have any more gears where I want it to once I get going on a long road.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy riding as much as I do, but this summer has been fun getting out for rides in the warm weather. The country roads around here are pretty quiet, so they make good cycle routes.

I’ve decided today that on non-weightlifting days I’m going to do three sets of bodyweight movements. 5 x Chin Ups, 10 x Squats and 15 x Push Ups.

I just want to start kick starting my energy expenditure every day that I’m not lifting weights, so that I can try and reduce my belly fat a bit.

I’ve crept up to a 35 inch waist from a 33.5 inch waist two months ago. I’ve not lost any size in my chest, arms or legs. Nor have I gained any, so it shows that with the reduced weight lifting intensity and not reducing my eating, I’ve simply put on body fat and for me it’s gone around my waist.

I don’t do diets, I fucking hate depriving myself of anything, I’m no fun when I can’t eat what I want. So I stick to what makes me happy and that’ll be continuing to eat what I have been but increasing my energy expenditure.

I’m aiming to be back down to 33.5 inches around my waist by Christmas time, which should be a nice slow burn down, which should be more than attainable.

Ready in time to put it back on again with my usual two week Christmas binge!

Hmmmm, food shoppings just been delivered and I fucking forgot chocolate, nooooooooooooooo!

I can’t believe what a twat I am, it’s junk food Friday tomorrow and I’ve fucking forgotten to get a slab of chocolate or even a bloody cake of some kind.


Oh well, I’m delivering early for once on a Friday, so I’ll just have to remember to get some on the way home, I’m sure a shop somewhere will be open at 6am.

If not, I’ll kick the fucking door in, I’ve got to have some chocolate on junk food Friday!

Yeah, sure I could just go back out at some point during the day, but I’ve just redownloaded World of Warcraft (having deleted it a few years ago) and have got myself addicted to it again, so I’m intending to get home tomorrow morning and spend the best part of 6hrs playing it before my partner gets home from work.

Oh and I’ve got a new gaming mouse coming especially for MMO’s, which I’m well excited about pmsl.

Fuck me, 39yrs old and I’m playing WOW and getting excited about a gaming mouse and junk food Friday.

I’m a fucking hero!

Until next time…




One thought on “Journal Entry 01.09.16 – World of Warcraft and Junk Food Fridays!

  1. captainxena 02/09/2016 / 12:11 am

    I love that people are doing log posts of their experiences. This was a very interesting read! 😀 Have you ever posted on other gaming sites before?

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