Journal Entry 31.08.16 – Full Workout for a Change

So today was a standard normal day, up at 3am to do the juice deliveries. Didn’t feel too bad tiredness wise, getting between 5.5 to 6hrs sleep every night is definitely helping more than getting less than 5hrs. Go figure lol.

The rest of the morning was in the kitchen helping to make more juices for delivery tomorrow and then I was home by midday which was cool as I’d planned on washing and hoovering out the car.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. I fell a sleep on the sofa!

Not going to moan about getting an hour or so’s kip in the middle of the day as I’m normally not able to sleep during the day. But still, it made me lethargic for a few hours afterwards so I didn’t bother washing and cleaning the car, hey ho always tomorrow.

I decided to chuck a quick coffee down my neck to perk me up enough to go workout, which worked as I was buzzing for about an hour whilst lifting some weights.

Did a widow maker set of squats with 60kg on the bar, a bit more puffed out then yesterday but I still feel there’s plenty in the tank which is good.

65kg on Friday, then I think I will keep going every other day adding 5kg until I hit a wall.

It will be interesting to see what I can get to, my initial guesstimate is probably 85kg or maybe 90kg, which I’d be happy with.

Even though it would be 7.5- 12.5kg lower than my previous widow maker best from a few years ago, I’m without a doubt not in the right physical condition to be pushing any harder, but we’ll see how I feel in a few weeks when I’m near that weight.

Aside from those I did a few sets of barbell rows, seated rows, rear delt raises, upright rows and then a few sets of bodyweight chin ups to finish up.

So overall not a bad workout, nothing too taxing and I won’t be doing so many accessory movements once I get to a heavier weight on the widow makers, but for now this amount seems about right.

Blimey it’s only 8pm and it’s getting dark outside now, aaah feels so much better going to bed when it’s nearly dark lol.

Until next time…



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