Journal Entry 30.08.16 – The Waiting Game

Up before the birds this morning at 3am, fuck a duck. 5hrs sleep, which I’ve learnt is just enough for me to not feel too tired once I get back from delivering.

The actual delivering is fine, it’s once I’m back at base and doing the rest of my hours in the kitchen that I start to suffer. I can feel my speed of thought deteriorating and I have to really concentrate on simple things to make sure I don’t make any mistakes.

The first day delivering, like today, isn’t usually too bad but by the 3rd and 4th days I’m really starting to struggle. Hence why I make sure that I get 6hrs or more if possible to ensure firstly that I’m ok to drive to begin with, but that I don’t get back to base and want to go straight to sleep lol.

It is helping the last week or so that it is getting dark earlier as that seems to help me feel more ready for bed in the evenings. I mean a month ago it wasn’t dark till gone 10pm and I was getting into bed before 9pm and still awake come 10pm just not being able to get to sleep.

Not that the light affects me sleeping as we’ve got really thick curtains in the bedroom, but it just doesn’t help when it comes to wind down time in the evening.

Oh well, it is what it is, only a few more months of getting up at stupid o’clock.

Well I hope it’s only a few more months. It seems I’m going to be cutting it fine to obtain my HGV license before the end of October when I leave my current job.

I’ve just booked my three HGV theory tests and I couldn’t get any dates before the end of the 3rd week in September, which puts the pressure on me to pass them all and get my actual driving training and test booked and passed by the middle/end of October to try and then obtain a job for the beginning of November, egads!

Right now I’m thinking that I’ll ask my boss tomorrow what the situation is with the applications for my replacement and if there haven’t been any promising one’s as yet, if it would be possible to delay my leaving until the middle of November. just so it gives me a few more weeks to obtain a new job.

I’m waiting on the HGV training company getting back to me on a few things and what they say will dictate the timings. I’m hoping they say they don’t have too long a waiting period for the training and that I can go ahead and book it before I pass my theory in the hope that I obviously pass.

We’ll see, but either way it’s a waiting game at the moment and all I can do is continue studying the theory questions to ensure I know them well enough that what ever 100 of the 1000 come up during my test they won’t bamboozle me lol.

Until next time…



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