Journal Entry 29.08.16 – Working on a Bank Holiday

So I’ve decided to try and make an every day journal entry on to the blog, like every day, write something down, regardless of how mundane it is, every day, write something down.

Fuck me.

Not sure how long it’ll last but hey, I’m already on a one day streak, go me.

Today was bank holiday Monday. Normally my work week is Sunday to Thursday, but when it’s a bank holiday we’ve previously had Sunday and Monday off as there’s no point making any juices on the Sunday as they can’t be delivered on the Monday as no where is open, generally.

But having the Monday off has meant until now we’ve not had any juices to deliver on a Tuesday which has meant two days every bank holiday we’ve missed out on business.

Anyway, I suggested to the boss that we should have Sundays as our bank holidays meaning we get a three day weekend, but then to come back in on the bank holiday Monday and make juices ready for delivery on the Tuesday.

What a twat.

I really wish I hadn’t now. I miss having four straight days off. And especially when it’s summer and really nice and sunny and I could be in my garden fucking around with the flowers and my veg, watching the birds and bee’s do their thing too, whilst drinking a nice cold rum and coke.

Yeah. Twat.

Hey ho, that’s it for bank holidays in my current job and most likely the last of my three day weekends as I’m sure I’ll be working bank holidays once I’m HGV driving.

Which reminds me I need to go take a few more mock theory tests. Although I’ve done two already and got 95 and 98 questions out of 100 correct, I want to keep taking a few tests a day to really drum into my head all the possible questions that there are.

All one fucking thousand of them!

I managed to demotivate myself this afternoon and didn’t do a workout, so I just banged through one widow maker set of 20 squats with 55kg on the bar, whilst listening to Magnum – Original Mix by Ford. (

It was a fair bit of effort, I won’t lie and say I wasn’t panting like a perv in a lingerie shop – which for anyone who doesn’t know me, I do do, but only when I’m being dragged along shopping with my partner, I don’t go out on my own and walk into lingerie shops…… very often.
But I had plenty left in the tank so I don’t think I’ll start really straining until next week once I get close to bodyweight  (72kg), we’ll see though.

Mmmmm, my head feels great. I’ve got a new head shaver and it allows me to cut my hair shorter than it’s ever been before and when I rub my hands over it, it feels cool. Although kind of weird too, like some kind of shaven toilet brush.

Not that I go around shaving toilet brushes, or rubbing them with my hands or on other body parts. Giggity.

Journal entry one, bosh.

Until next time…



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