A Few Weeks of Widow Maker Squats and HGV Training

Well things are certainly not stagnant in my life at the moment, that’s for sure. From handing my notice in at my current job four weeks ago and saying that I would put HGV training on hold for 12 months, I’m now studying for my theory test!

I decided about a week ago that the majority of multi-drop driving jobs I was applying for, I didn’t really want. Because I had HGV driving in the back of my head, it was continually niggling at me every time I applied for a multi-drop drivers role.

I looked into the costs of HGV training some more and also the time frame and made a decision to just go for it. I’ve informed my current boss that I’d like to stay on for another month, which shouldn’t be a problem and now I’m studying for my theory test having just passed my medical.

Staying on for another month at my current job means I’ve got a full month to pass my theory and practical tests so that I give myself a full month to apply for a HGV role somewhere.

It’s strange really how these things happen. I had been applying for the multi-drop drivers roles for about two weeks, with 2/3 new one’s popping up every few days. But then suddenly they stopped and I started to get a little concerned at not getting invited for an interview.

I then went to a couple of interviews and felt really frustrated after both, as even though I had been offered the jobs, I didn’t want to do them. I worked out that even though the yearly pay was more than I’m currently on, the hourly pay was quite a bit less due to the extra 10-15hrs a week I was going to have to work.

So that along with seeing the amount of HGV drivers jobs advertised I decided to switch plans and just go for it.

Obviously I’m taking a risk going for it as I can’t afford to pay cash for the training, so it’s going on my credit card. But the worst case scenario is that I don’t pass before I have to leave my current job (unlikely, but you never know) and will have to temp for a bit to keep the bills paid whilst I wait for another chance to take the test.

There are plenty of temp jobs around this area, so I’m not too worried, but I have put a bit of pressure on myself to pass as quickly as possible.

But then that’s good really, because it means I’m forcing myself to be proactive and get on with the studying etc, which so far is going pretty well.

A lot of theory for HGV’s is similar to a car license and the bits that are not have so far not been too difficult for me to learn about. The things I’m having to really pay attention to are the drivers hours, HGV sizes/weights etc, but it’s going fine so far.

I’m aiming to be ready to book my theory test in the next few days. As of right now I’m about two thirds through the studying and will take a mock test or two either later today or tomorrow when I get home from work and then that will give me an idea whether I’m ready to book the test for real.

Aside from the job front changing a bit, I’ve changed up my exercise a little in that I’m just doing what I feel like a few times a week lol.

I’ve not stuck to a rigid plan for a few weeks now and when it’s time to go workout I’ve simply done a few main movements, a few minor movements and then that’s it. I’ve spent the best part of the last few weeks doing some widow maker squat sets, which has been fun.

A few years ago I worked my way up over a week to widow maker sets of squats with nearly 1.5 x my body weight on, which at the time meant I was squatting 97.5kg for 20 reps at a 70kg bodyweight, which although I didn’t get there, I was still pretty chuffed with.

This time round I’ve started with a lower weight and am working my way up a lot slower too, mainly because of the early starts at my job and the feeling of being tired so much.

I started with 40kg and have worked my way up to 55kg over four sessions and this week I’m going to do the same again but get three sessions in starting at 55kg and ending with 65kg.

Along with push ups, pull ups, bent over rows and a few variations of side raises and overhead presses and that’s been pretty much all I’ve done this month so far. Just keeping it simple until I can get some routine into my day job hours.

I think I’ve probably been more consistent doing it this way as I don’t feel like I’m putting any pressure on myself to workout which is good I guess and I am enjoying doing it this way too.

I guess that’s what exercise and keeping healthy is all about really, doing what makes you happy because then consistency will usually follow!

Until next time…



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