The end is near, a new beginning is on the horizon.

So I finally told my current boss that I was off and I’ve got to say it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I’ve never been one for staying in one job for longer than a few years, up until the farm job that is.

I stayed in the farm job for nearly 8 years, and working in farming in general for nearly 10 years. So to say I had/have an affinity for outdoors work is a bit of an understatement, which is why I find it difficult to find a job I want to do that isn’t outdoors all the time!

When I made the decision to leave the farm job last year, it wasn’t that difficult, mainly because I had had enough of one of the bosses and needed to get away. A fresh start was exactly what I needed and it got me what I wanted, a job that was fresh, challenging and helped me develop new skills.

However, that new job has now reached it’s limits and I need to move on again. However, this time I actually really enjoy working for this boss and it was incredibly hard telling them that I couldn’t do the job anymore and needed to move on.

I didn’t make excuses about the wage or any particular working conditions, because non of that matters, it’s all pretty good for what I do. But I was honest enough to say that I couldn’t lead the lifestyle outside of work that I wanted to whilst continuing to do the job I was doing.

Night work is something that firstly I am more than happy to do, but only for a short period of time and that short period of time has been 12 months (or will be by the time I leave) and that’s long enough for me!

I don’t have a lavish lifestyle outside of my day job, but I’ve always made sure my day job allows me to lead the lifestyle I want and this particular job hasn’t and isn’t doing that, so it’s time to be selfish again and move on to something better for me.

I think I found it hard saying I was leaving because the boss I have now is so open and honest and treats me probably better than anyone I have worked for before and I did literally feel quite sad for wanting to leave them and what they/we have been working on the last 12 months.

But again, it comes back to the lifestyle I want to lead. And whilst that lifestyle is still evolving and changing as I’ve only been back in a higher paying job and a city (ish) lifestyle for a short time, I know that I need to move on and begin the next chapter in this new lifestyle.

There are a number of things I have learnt about myself and what I am capable of since being in this new job. And I’m glad that I’ve learnt them because it allows me to realise what I can and cannot do in the future, job wise.

Actually, more importantly it’s made me realise what I want and don’t want to do in the future job wise.

The main thing I’m taking away from this current job is that I know I can now do long days/nights and that as long as I put myself in the right job, this will mean I should be able to earn a decent wage and finally work towards the materialistic things I’ve deep down always wanted.

I may well fall flat on my face in whatever new job I get next, but I feel pretty confident that my current role has helped me learn enough new skills that I can at least get a running start in what ever new role is in store for me.

Without a doubt that new role will be driving related. And I’ve decided that unless I end up working for a haulage company that I can progress in, that I’m going to put getting a hgv license on hold for another 12 months.

I don’t really have the money to get the license at the moment and there are plenty of non hgv driving jobs available that for the next 12 months would allow me to save the money and then obtain it if I’m still interested, later down the line.

That’s enough of that for today, I need to get into the garden to do some bits, get a weight lifting session in, get my work stuff prepped for tomorrow, look at some new jobs and then get ready for the Olympics on TV!!

Before I do though, I wanted to write down and get out of my head something someone said to me the other day.

Well actually I won’t put down what they said, but it made me realise how bogged down people get in their comfort zones and not willing to try new things.

It hurts me to see it and I get really sad everyday sometimes seeing people being far less than they are capable of, simply because they are not willing to try new and potentially difficult things.

And one thing that this relates to specifically for me is people’s health and fitness levels.

I’ve met and seen so many people who are much much lesser versions of themselves, simply because they allow themselves to become unfit and have ill health. They allow their world around them to dictate what they eat and how they live to such a detrimental effect that literally years go by and their real selves become eroded and they turn into someone that they never should be.

So many people I’ve met really don’t ever experience what it is like even being moderately healthy and fit and what that can do for not only their own life, but those around them too.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, I’ll go on forever other wise and today’s not the day for it.

It’s time to focus on what I’m doing as one adventure is coming to an end and another new and exciting one is on the horizon.

Bring it!

Until next time…



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