Rant: Just because it’s fucking low calorie, doesn’t make it healthy.

Ahhhh, one of those posts where I feel the need to whinge and moan at what I call fraggletards.

I’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship with the protein/health food industry at the moment.

It seems that every body is jumping on the high protein/low-calorie bandwagon and health/fitness people seem to be clambering over each other for it.

I don’t understand the desire to eat something that is low in calories has all the natural sugar taking out of it and is full of artificial sweeteners instead.

I tasted my first artificial sweetener years ago when I went to drink some of my childhood favourite cordial and it tasted nasty. I just though it was the water at first, so poured myself another glass, but nope it still tasted like a hairy badgers arse.

I checked the ingredients and I saw the words “Artificial Sweetner – Acesulfame K” and I thought to myself what the hell is that. So I checked online and low and behold it was one of many artificial sweeteners that manufacturers were now putting in food and drink to reduce the sugar level and therefore calorie count too.

Well that’s me fucked was my first thought. Alot of the foods I love the most have sugar in them, that’s why I like them!

Thankfully since that day I’ve not had to stop eating or drinking the majority of things I like, but I check the ingredients list on most things now because all artificial sweeteners taste like shit to me.

They just leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. A lot of other people can’t seem to taste it, but oh boy can I.

Anyway, back to the health/fitness industry. I can understand people who are on a calorie controlled diet wanting to count their calories and make sure they get the maximum bang for their buck as it were by being able to eat as much low calorie food as they can.

But I don’t understand the whole eating things like no calorie chocolate syrup atop a blueberry double choc chip muffin puff protein cake thingy just because it’s got artificial sweeteners in instead of sugar and therefore has a low calorie count.

Surely it can’t be healthy for you?

Yay, it’s got added fibre in with added protein too. But it’s not real fucking food fucktard!!

I guess that’s my real hate about this trend. It’s that all this protein filled/low calorie/sweetener food is not real food, it’s so fucking processed and far removed from real food that it’s almost a stretch to call it actual food.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but give me full fat, full sugar, high calorie food every single day. If I need to watch my calories (which I do sometimes) then I’ll just eat less of it or exercise more, but I’d rather eat real food than this so called health fucking food.

You can stick your low calorie, added protein and fibre shit where the sun don’t shine, I’m off to shove some good old fashioned full fat 95% pork sausages, some 100% home made potato mash made with butter and raw milk and also a tin of baked beans with sugar included down my cake hole and I’ll enjoy every last forkful of it, so ner!

Until next time…



One thought on “Rant: Just because it’s fucking low calorie, doesn’t make it healthy.

  1. fitnessgrad 30/07/2016 / 9:30 pm

    Well, well, well! seems you have a lot to say about low calorie foods! LOL. Love how honest you are, I appreciate that in a blogger who speaks on health and fitness topics. Quite honestly I agree with the whole artificial sweetners, they are usually worse off for you.. (the majority of them cause more problems than help) and I believe in eating in moderation anyways. I think eating less sugars is awesome, sure..but I don’t go looking for replacements so I can get my sugar fix. Ya know what I mean? Anyways good post!


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