Seven Week Mind Dump Journal Entry

Seven weeks have been and gone since my last entry, so without further ado, where are we at WeeMan….

Well, my exercise had stayed at two workouts a week for three weeks, then it went to shit for two weeks where I just overate and didn’t do anything.

I’ve no idea why, it got really hot and I just didn’t feel like doing much other than working and over eating lol.

Hey ho, it was fun, but I ate so much shit it’s unbelievable, I don’t think I went below 3000 calories most days for those two weeks.

The upside was that I noticed how much less tired after the first week I was. This was despite getting up at 3am to do my delivery job like I normally do during the week. The lack of exercise and the extra calories I guess meant my body was able to cope with less sleep.

Anyway, it only last two weeks because by the end of the second week I started to feel tired again lol. Although it wasn’t the kind of tired I get from exercising, it was a thick headed, thick bodied tiredness.

One that I know comes from eating like shit too much and one I hate vehemently.

Having looked after myself for so long it doesn’t take me long to realise that I hate feeling average or normal like a lot of people who don’t exercise or eat right do. I absolutely love having endless energy, strength and just the general happiness that being healthy brings me.

It did coincide with going back and visiting the farm we used to work at, which brought back some great and some not so great memories and I think I felt sorry for myself for a little while knowing that I can’t have the material things I want and still work on a farm.

But the past is the past, I learn something from it like I always do and simply move on to something new, although now it’s not new, it’s old things that used to mean something to me, but then I thought they didn’t for several years, then I realised actually they really do mean a lot to me pmsl.

Anyhoo. Exercise wise I decided to write down each of the exercises I do through weightlifting and then at the beginning of each week I wouldn’t choose a set group of exercises to do each workout, instead I would wait until it was workout day and then see how I felt after my job and do the according exercises I felt my body could cope with.

It worked really well for the first week, and so that’s what I’ve been doing since.

Some weeks I’ve got four days of weight lifting in, others I’ve got one day in, but I’ve added some cycling into the mix (when it’s been dry) or some weighted walks on the treadmill (when it’s been raining). And when I say weighted walks, I mean putting on my 20kg weights vest and walking on an incline for 20 minutes – holy shit I sweat, a lot!

This seems to be working energy levels wise. Meaning that I’m doing some form of decent exercise every other day which helps keep my energy levels high or medium even when I get up at 3am regularly. And it is also helping my eating as I don’t eat too much crap when I exercise regularly.

And eating crap has always been one of my main reasons to exercise. I’ve always said I don’t care about abs/looking like a fitness model/bodybuilder etc, simply because I like to eat crap food too often, it’s something that makes me happy and I’m not going to stop things that make me happy, especially if it means simply lifting some heavy shit and exercising a few times a week means I can eat more of it!

So overall fitness wise I’m about where I was at this time last year when I was really consistent and I felt generally healthy, but strength wise I’m definitely weaker than this time last year as I’m not doing anything over 80% of my maxes.

Which is quite frustrating as I want to get stronger than I am, having worked my way past an intermediate level and nearly at an advanced level of strength on the big lifts for my size (e.g 2 x bodyweight squats, 2.35 x deadlifts and 1.5 x bench).

But I’ve got to bite the bullet as it were, man up and do what I can to keep most of my strength and just stick this out until I change jobs.

Which brings me nicely round to the subject. Which hasn’t changed lol. I got the forms for my hgv license last week after asking for them three fecking times, but I’ve got them now. And now I’ve just got to make the definite decision to get my license or not.

I’m holding off a little because I’ve seen quite a few multi-drop jobs advertises that would be enough money to enable me to save for the hgv license over a six month period, rather than putting it on a credit card and doing it now.

I’m leaning towards getting a multi-drop delivery job as firstly the 10hr days won’t be hard as I do that quite often now (and more some weeks). The early 6/7am starts won’t actually be early for me seeing as four out of five days I get up a 3am now. But the upside will be the pay being higher, which will mean I can save the money for a hgv license rather than get in debt to get it.

Plus in six months time once I’ve saved the money for the hgv license I should know if I definitely want to learn or not.

Whilst me and my partner have be mulling over going to Australia (now that the UK has voted to BREXIT) as the migration issue may well improve to our favour, we’ve also been thinking about Canada again and the possibilities that going over there can bring (seeing as though my aunt and uncle have gone out there and got in ten years what it takes most people to get in 30! e.g a couple of houses, nice cars etc).

We’re giving ourselves until the end of this year to mull the idea over properly and we’ll make a definitive decision over Christmas most likely and then whatever we decide we’ll start working on from the new year.

So that’s me over the last seven or so weeks. It’s been great working in the garden so much, a bit like being back on the farm in Somerset, just not as hard work lol. And we’ve built the garden up a lot more than we thought we would this year, so it should be less to do next year!

Now I’ve got to sort my head out and work out what I need to say tp my boss when I tell her the bad news that I’ll be leaving at the end of September.

I’m hoping that she reacts ok, simply because I’m hoping she remembers what I said 10 months ago when I said I’d do the split job driving and in the kitchen for 12 months and then review it.

Perhaps she won’t be expecting me to be leaving, but then she can’t expect me to be able to continue just driving for her as I firstly won’t be earning enough and secondly won’t be able to fit another job around the driving job because of the hours. And she definitely knows I don’t want to work in the kitchen full time either.

On top of that the money isn’t enough to plan for the future I want anyway, so it’s time to move on to something that will pay enough and really get to work on things. Which I’m sure she’ll understand as she’s a good boss, in fact probably one of the best I’ve worked for.

Anyhoo that’s enough of that. I’m off to finish a cool article I came across about using a journal like this for a mind dump of ideas and thoughts etc. It’s about thinking of stuff first thing in the morning that you want to do/change/experience etc and then writing it down and then going back over it that evening and seeing what sticks etc and then working on it some more the next day/weeks etc.

Then after I’ve read that it’s time to get the rum and coke out, it’s movie night!

Until next time…



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