It’s nearly time to change jobs again.

Well it’s been a quick 3 weeks that’s for sure since I last made an entry on the blog. Not much has happened for me, but I’ve finally made the definite decision that I’ve got to leave my current job and get trained up as a LGV driver sooner rather than later.

And I mean literally, sooner. As in I’m sending off my driving license to get the provisional LGV category on it and then I need to book myself into a doctors for an examination to make sure I’m healthy, then I’ve got to find the right company to train me up.

Overall I’m aiming to have booked my training for sometime in July, not sure if it’ll be at the begging or end yet, it all depends how long the license and doctors appointment take to sort out.

I am a little sad to be leaving my current job after only being here for 9 month, but even after that short amount of time I’ve realised two very important things.

The first one is that I need to be earning more than I’m on now. Even with it being a lot more than I was on at the farm back in Somerset, it’s not enough for me and my partner to make a big dent in our debt or start saving up for a deposit on a house etc.

And the second one is that I just can’t carry on doing nighttime/early morning driving and go and work in a kitchen straight after. If I work nights I need to come home after and get at least a few hours sleep as I’m just not recovering well enough on only 5hrs sleep during the week.

I’m coping well enough right now, mainly because I’m bang on with my endurance and energy supplements, but my workouts have been suffering over the last few months and it’s really bloody annoying.

Unfortunately the way the business I work for is, it will take a longer than a few more months for the driving to get to a level where I can just do that on it’s own, but even if it suddenly became 40hrs a week driving, I couldn’t stick with it for more than a few months knowing I can be earning more elsewhere.

Hey ho. It is what it is, I pretty much knew that the first job after moving away from Somerset probably wouldn’t be a long term one, so I’ve just got to get on with it and move on to something else.

My workouts have been pretty consistent at two a week for the last 3 weeks, and not continually upping the weight or reps has helped me not feel so whacked the few days after a workout, so that’s good, but I want to get back to 3 times or more a week sooner rather than later.

It’s annoying knowing that with the supplements I’m taking and the workouts that I could and should be getting stronger and more muscular, but I simply find myself not having any energy towards the end of the week and I know that if I try and workout I’ll just end up doing some damage as I have in the past when I’ve pushed my body too hard on too little sleep and recovery.

Again it is what it is right now, I’m plodding on one step at a time, like I said at least I’m consistently doing two workouts a week and give it another few weeks and I’m going to add in a couple of short sprints on the treadmill on my non weightlifting days and see how my body feels, just to try and bring a bit of aerobic conditioning back.

I made a conscious decision to stop tracking my eating a few weeks ago as I had gotten fed up one evening, a little too less sleep and feeling a little too tired probably didn’t help, but I’ve found since that I feel much more relaxed about eating.

I’m back to eating on feeling rather than just stuffing my face with calories to hit a target. I know I need to eat a certain amount of food and I can hit that with some standard 3 meals a day plus a few snacks. And I’ve no need to way it all anymore as I can tell pretty much from eye what serving sizes I need etc.

The main thing is that I’m finding that if I go by hunger, it’s been pretty spot on calorie wise for instance. I tracked a couple of days last week just to see if I was way under or over, and surprisingly despite me thinking I had over eaten for the day by quite a bit, I was actually only a hundred calories over one day and fifty under the next.

I’m going to stick with it this way for a while, stick to measuring my chest, waist, arms and legs every fortnight and go by hunger and see where my body ends up in a few months.

There’s no point me going on energy levels to see if I’m under eating as I’m tired 6 out of 7 days at the moment lol, but I can live with it and know when I might’ve pushed too hard during a workout because I feel even more tired come midday/early afternoon.

Anyhoo, I’m feeling tired this afternoon after four straight 2:30am starts, so I think I’m going to try for an hours cat nap.

Until next time,



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