Keep moving forward and you’re still progressing.

That’s what I’ve had to keep telling myself lately. The early starts at my job have been effecting my exercise recently and it’s been getting to me.

I’ve only this last week managed to do more than two workouts in a week, not because of laziness but simply because of tiredness. I’m not sure why but the early starts at my job have really made me tired the last few weeks and I just lost all my motivation to go exercise, which is really unlike me.

I didn’t let myself get too down about it, I know that I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and that as long as I keep doing at least one or two workouts a week I can maintain some strength levels if not looking as I want to physically.

Its strange really because even though I’ve not done more than two workouts more than once since I hurt my neck, due to the addition of some upper back movements my chest measurement has increased by nearly a full inch in 3 weeks, I’m now pushing 42 inches in the chest which is pretty amazing seeing as I’ve never been above 41 inch my entire life.

If I’d known that simply adding in some dedicated upper back work would increase my chest size, I’d have done it sooner lol. That along with some additional trap and shoulder movements and I feel like my shoulders and upper back are tighter than they’ve been before if not looking visibly bigger when I look in the mirror.

Anyhoo, I slapped myself round the face this afternoon as I wasn’t going to work out as I felt lethargic, but I did and I feel much better for doing so. Not any less lethargic but I still lifted some weights.

I’ve decided that to try and get some consistency back again, I’m dropping all my heavy sets by about 10% so that they aren’t as taxing as the could be and therefore I shouldn’t be as whacked the day after doing the exercise and then when it comes round to the next workout I should be recovered better to go again.

It’s taken longer than it should have for me to acknowledge that the lack of sleep I get means that I can’t keep increasing my heaviest sets like I’ve done before and expect to just keep getting stronger.

I obviously hit a wall a few weeks back before I hurt my neck as I had started to feel lethargic more often than I normally do (the day after a workout is fine) and so the last 5-6 weeks has really just been me fighting with myself by ignoring the signals my body has been giving me.

I’ve also mixed up my workouts and moved some movements around so as to try and take advantage of days when I don’t feel so tired from the early starts.

Here’s what I did this afternoon:

Exercise   Reps/Sets Weight in KG
Deadlift 5,5,5,5 90,105,115,120
Weighted Chin Up 6,6,6,8 7.5,6,4.5,3
Dumbbell Static Lunge 8,8,8 16,13.5,11
Dumbbell Side Raise 8,8,8 11,10,9
One Arm Dumbbell Row 10,10,10 10,12.5,15
Weighted Ring Dips 6,6,6,6 12.5,10,7.5,5

Right that’s me done for the night, up at 3am again tomorrow, whoop!

Until next time…



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