Sometimes it’s ok to break routine and do what you feel like!

Whoop, Monday and I’ve managed my first workout this week, have it!

Since recovering from my neck injury two weeks ago, I’ve only managed two workouts (one each week) which is pretty shit really. I’ve been no more busy/long hours at work than normal, but I’ve just let myself have a few weeks off without really knowing it lol.

I think that whilst my neck injury wasn’t anything serious, it made me aware of how fragile my body is and also how I need to be bang on with my eating and sleeping with the long/odd hours I’m doing in my job at the moment.

Anything less than 5hrs sleep twice a week and my body starts to suffer when I do my workouts, and if I ignore the signals then injuries will happen.

This week is another busy week, where I’m needed to drive in the middle of the night and then work until lunch time, mid afternoon as well, so it’s a good week to get back on track and sort myself out.

What better way than getting in a workout on a Monday!

I decided to write down my three workouts for the week and then I’m going to pick six exercises to do each workout. Rather than just going in and doing a set workout I’m going to see how I feel each time and just do what I feel like doing, but still sticking to what I’ve set myself.

So today would normally have been deadlift and bench press etc, but I decided to do squats and overhead press instead, plus a few accessory movements. I’ve changed from the barbell to dumbbells for the overhead press as I need to address the strength and size imbalances in my upper back and shoulders and I believe by doing more dumbbell work for those area’s that should do the trick.

Anyway, here’s what I did today…

Barbell Squat: 5 x 82.5kg, 4 x 122.5kg, 5 x 112.5kg, 5 x 102.5kg — I could only comfortable manage 4 reps on the heaviest set today. I’ve not squatted for several weeks and my back didn’t feel up to it, I struggled to keep it tight and upright on the 4th rep so stopped there.

Dumbbell Overhead Press: 5 x 12.5kg, 5 x 20kg, 5 x 17.5kg, 8 x 15kg — I haven’t done these for years but it felt great doing them again, I could feel the strength difference in my left shoulder compared to my right on the heaviest set, hopefully within a month or so I should notice it much less, going to see how many reps I can do on the last set each time until I start struggling.

Rope Face Pull: 8 x 7.5kg, 8 x 10kg, 8 x 12.5kg — I’ve never done these before, but they are needed I believe to help the imbalances I have in my upper/middle back and my posterior delts. Although I don’t have the right cable to do this exercise properly, e.g straight in front of my face, but what I can do is close enough and it felt great doing the movement today.

Dumbbell Curl: 6 x 15kg, 6 x 13.5kg, 6 x 12.5kg — Not done these for a few weeks and felt it on the last rep of the first set.

Rope Pull Through: 8 x 10kg, 8 x 12.5kg, 8 x 15kg — Again not done these before, but have started doing them as an alternative lower back, glute, hamstring exercise to replace the good mornings. I’m sure I’ll go back to the good mornings eventually but until I feel that my upper/middle back is stronger than I’ll give them a miss and will make up by doing alternative exercises like these.

Oh man I was hot and sweaty today. So humid the last few days, just two days worth of sunshine and I’m already moaning pmsl. Hey ho.

Bed at 8pm and up at 2:30am again for me tonight, whoop!

Until next time…



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