Pain free once again, time to learn a lesson.

Finally I’m pretty much completely pain free once again. A visit to the chiropractor on Monday taught me two things.

One being that I hate the sound of popping bones! Holy shit it’s nasty. The pushing and rubbing of my sort neck muscle, yup fine I’ll take the pain. But the sound of my bones cracking and popping, holy shit no, just no!

The second thing I learnt was that I need to balance out the muscle I’m building to both sides of my body as I appear to be right side dominate. I was told by the chiropractor that I have a noticeable difference in the amount of muscle on the left and right side of my back and this could have been on of the reasons for my neck injury.

I wasn’t entirely convinced as I’ve taken a number of back photo’s in the last 12 months and I couldn’t notice any difference and my partner doesn’t seem to think that my back looks any different on either side.

But I’m going to trust a professional for once and try some dumbbell lifts instead of barbell lifts. I do know that my left side feels a little weaker when I’m fatigued and by replacing some of my barbell lifts with dumbbell lifts instead this should help even any strength and size differences out eventually.

I’m not going to change my current routine other than swapping some barbell work for dumbbell work, but I am obviously having a rest for a few more days.

I’m going to try aiming for a Saturday workout any only starting with some accessory moves, including swapping the barbell good mornings that I think I did the damage with and instead doing some back extensions and then adding weight to them as the weeks go by.

I’m leaving my first squat session until next Wednesday which will mean it’s a full 2 weeks from when I first pulled a muscle in my neck with a heavy barbell on it to putting any weight on my shoulders/neck again, so I think that should be enough time for it to fully heal.

I’m feeling almost back to normal already, but I’ve still got a few twinges here and there and my whole upper back and shoulders are feeling fatigued after being so tense for several days and then getting a pummeling from the chiropractor lol.

Hey ho, you live and learn from these things, it’s my first injury whilst lifting weights, so I’m not beating myself up too much. Sure I could’ve done without the 10 days off of lifting as I was getting into a good groove, but I’ll soon pick it up again.

Not much time for easing myself back into my job, straight back into 2 straight 3am starts and 11hr days, sweet!

Until next time…



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