Watching, listening, enjoying being pain free – momentarily.

Oh man my neck isn’t any better. I’ve been taking some pain killers since yesterday morning and using various techniques I’ve read online about dealing with a nerve pinch in the neck.

Thankfully it’s no worse than yesterday but unless it sorts itself out in the next 24 hours I’ve got no choice but to book an appointment with a chiropractor on Monday as I can’t deal with this for much longer. It’s just too incapacitating.

Whenever possible I try and give my body it’s own chance to sort out any issues. I just continue treating it correctly by giving it good foods and being active as much as possible. Obviously though, at the moment I can’t be active that much, but I am moving every now and again so as not to allow the muscles to stiffen up at all.

It’s funny those fleeting moments of being pain free. They make me realise how amazing it is to feel healthy and strong.

I put on some relaxing music via Spotify, then sat slowly down on the sofa, propped my neck/head up with a pillow behind me and just sat watching the snow falling outside.

In that moment, for about 30 seconds, I was pain free again, my body just dissolved into the sofa, my neck relaxed into the pillow and my brain absorbed the relaxing sounds and visuals. All leading to me feeling amazing.

Only for about 30 seconds though. Some mild pain come back in my neck after that, but it is only mild, which is nice.

It might be my first time of actually being this incapable of doing anything activity wise in my entire life and I’m finding it extremely frustrating. Sometimes if I’ve had a migraine, I just accept that I can’t do anything and take some pain killers and try and sleep it off.

Other times I’ve had a trapped nerve in my back and I’ve still been able to do some things. Even lie down pain free.

But this time, nope, nothing pain free. And I’m fine in all other senses and I just want to get on and do things, like lift some weights, tidy the house, do some gardening, go for a bike ride.

Fucking pain in the neck.

Pun intended. Pmsl.

Until next time…



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